Sunday, November 30, 2014

Our Iowa Family

Early October was the perfect time for a quick trip
 to visit Brady and Danielle and their adorable children! 

The simple life and wide open spaces

corn fields and farms surround you

We found Iowa to be so charming!! 

And we squeezed every minute out of our short trip! 

Professor Brady is now a Hawkeye.  The campus is beautiful!!

They have a fantastic recreation and fitness center, quaint little restaurants and shops!
Iowa City is pretty darn hip!!

Dani took us to a charming little bakery in this cute home.  Oh my, the pie and goodies!

Isn't it just glorious??

A special treat was visiting Liam's school!

  Visiting a Farmer's Market anywhere we travel is always on our list and this one didn't disappoint!

And these caramel doughnuts…  I can't even begin to describe the delight they were!!

Smiles all around!

When I perfect this caramel donut recipe, we can all have a twinkle in our eye like Mark!

Dani loves fresh flowers in her home all year round.

Elsie pointed out all the mile high pies!

We found the cutest little knit hats for kids

Velvet Pumpkin making time!  These two were great little stitchers.

Personality Plus = Alayna

This little cherub is a shining gem!

A leather scrap bag from the farmer's market gave papa and the kids hours of fun!

those bright eyes!!!

These two had a night out with free baby sitters…wahooo!

And we had a delightful evening taking a deluge of 
family photos and fun:

See you all in December xo