Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Grandma Marie's 80th!!

She didn't want a big to do for her 80th.  
She was thrilled with idea to have a pancake at Herm's,
because sometimes the pancakes she gets at her place are not so tender.

She wasn't sure to what to think about the size of this one though!!  
We loved watching her reaction!

And just to keep things extra sweet... a little lemon cake for later. 
Happy Birthday to a lovely lady who has the biggest heart of anyone we know.  
We are so lucky to have you!!

You make our hearts smile!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cozy February

This month has been a snowy one and I have loved it this year!  So very beautiful. We are so blessed to have an amazing neighbor who does the lions share of keeping our driveway cleared.  We love Brian!

Kimberly came out from Massachusetts for a visit that happened to fall on her birthday!
She is a lot of fun and we love her visits!

Our cute niece, Sharah married her love, Andrew.  They have a pretty sweet story.  It was a beautiful evening and we were so happy to share it with them!  Wishing them all the best in their journey!

As I said earlier, I am really enjoying this winter!  One gorgeous snow storm after another.

My very gifted, photographer friend Jessica, squeezed in a photo shoot to celebrate the marriage of these two!!  It was so fun to watch her in action.  Can't wait to see what she did.  Our days are numbered with J and B.  They will be leaving for Great Britain before we know it! Bittersweet - but we are so excited for them.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Currant Fish and Oyster

We call this Camber's restaurant and love to have a meal here!  

Grandpa and Grandma had never been before so Camber invited those 
of us who could get away to come for lunch. 

 These stuffed oysters were a special treat from the kitchen

Next time I am ordering the Grilled Tuna Sandwich... it was amazing!
(So is everything, really!)

 It was fun to share a meal with her and not just watch her work!  

Current Fish and Oyster!  We highly recommend it!

Hurray for family lunch dates!! And many thanks to you, Camber!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Sleep Over @ Papa Neil and Grandma Joan's

A few candid shots with my cell phone

Cuddles with baby Kate

Chitter chatter at breakfast

There is always a show going on with Layney in the room :)

Papa Neil shows them how he can wiggle his ears!
That's some talent to envy right there!

A visit to the Bean Museum at BYU.  
The elevator was so ginormous... 
you could play ring around the rosies or tag!  
And we did!!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Welcome 2017!

Happy 7th Birthday to our New Years Girl!  
Definitely a chocolate lover, this one!
She is beautiful and we love her so very much!

pArTy HaTs and B I N G O with prizes!
Looking forward to fresh new year with growth and happiness!

Monday, December 26, 2016


We have pretty live tree this year.  The popcorn makes me smile.
I didn't have the time or energy to get out all of our ornaments this year
but I think the simplicity of it is pretty sweet. And after years of having the old bike perched on our mantle - we took it down.  It was time for a change and a good motive to paint something new to go to grace the wall.  I wonder how hard it is to do a large oil painting...

What a beautiful White Christmas!! 
We haven't had snow like this for a very long time.  
We are all so excited!

Christmas Eve... simple and quiet but very sweet.  
We had delicious Minestrone Soup and Coconut Shrimp.
Just the four of us.

New jammies... one of Davis' favorite Christmas Eve traditions.
I wonder what the celebration in heaven is like.
It must be glorious.

Emily spent the better part of the day creating100% homemade S'mores!  
They were amazing!

We drove down to Lindsey and Jakes house in North Salt Lake to spend 
Christmas afternoon and evening with them.  

The new snow was fluffy and light

not the easiest to build a snowman with

but they were persistant

and pretty proud of the way he turned out!

A White Christmas is just the best!!

Auntie Camber loving on baby Kate

Mark carved each of the girls a treasure box 
and the boys a cantilevered pen box. 
So beautiful and thoughtful.

I did a study of a winter painting by Kent Wallis for Lindsey.
I think it turned out pretty good for my first attempt at an oil painting.
Can't wait to learn more!

Our Christmas will be stretched out through the new year.  
Brady will be up with the kids soon and Ben and Janell will be coming from Portland midweek.
Lots to look forward to!

Merry Christmas!