Sunday, August 21, 2016

He's Still a Champ!

August 20, 2016
We all gathered to celebrate Grandpa's 80th Birthday!!  
A month to the day after his birthday.
He was quite pleased to see so many loved ones.

Grandma arranged to have it at Legacy House in the library.  

She was so delighted with the crowd that lovingly surrounded them all evening.

Many dear friends drove up from Pleasant Grove.  
He has touched so many lives in his kind, quiet way.

Aunt Jana and her darling posse were such a big help with the refreshment table!

They don't come any better than these ladies!  

Jason, Dorothy, Marie, Shaura, Ethyl and Carol. 

It was wonderful to see Dad's face light up so many times!  
He may not have understood everything going on, but no doubt he felt the love in the room.

Lots of laughter and smiling faces.
Family is just the best!

Peter and Melece came up from Provo.

Wonderful for them to have their four children together.  
That isn't something that has happened to often. Distance is tricky!

Our sweet neighbor, Iva Lou now has more of family connection!  
She is also at Legacy house.
She is such a delight and blessing in our lives.

So happy for such an event.  He is a wonderful man loved by so many!!
Happy Birthday Dad and Grandpa!
You are so dearly loved!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Our Baby is 20

 Hard to believe where the years go but they certainly do seem to melt away.

Because our girl is a chef at heart, she spent the afternoon in the
 kitchen helping me prepare her birthday dinner.

We had success!!  

Dylan brought her cupcakes :)

photos are always such a funny ordeal around here

She has blessed our life since day one!  
We hope nothing but the best for her bright future xo
Love you to the moon and back, Em!!

                                                      Oh yeah, that second dessert :) 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Centralia Train Station in Milan, such a gorgeous building!

After a 3 1/2 hour train trip from Milan, we arrived in Venice!

The view out of our apartment window.

Such a quaint place!  We found it through Air B&B. 
Our door was one more down, but these window boxes were too cute!

Very comfortable and plenty of room

Loved how we could open up the windows!

Our first night there we wasted no time - we headed out to explore - in the pouring rain!
Saint Mark's square was flooded but we didn't mind!

Saint Mark's Square was flooded, but we didn't mind

The evening was perfect and the music was glorious

I loved the waiters in white 

So much fun xo

Venice is such a romantic city.

Our second day began early.  We wanted to get out to the Islands of Borano and Murano
 before all the tourists did so I could get some photos of the streets in quiet morning hours.

The sunrise was picture perfect!

That golden hour just after sunrise is magnificent with all the reflection of of the water. 
The city had this beautiful glow about her.

Today was smooth sailing and blue skies!

  Borano is known for its lace making.  
We were there too early to tour the museum, but the streets were still and quiet.  
This sleepy little village was just waking up.

 umbrellas and wet shoes were hanging out from the storm last night

 The colors we brilliant! It was truly a dream.  

People were going about their quiet morning routines

It didn't take long to walk around the entire Island.
Next stop was Murano.  
Famous for all things glass.

This is the front part of the Vaparetto or "water bus".  
We bought a 72 hour pass and could come and go as we pleased.
Great place to people watch!!

Not as colorful as Borano but still very charming.

Loved the color and texture on these old church doors.

We were ready for some lunch and found this little gem of place with the best pizza ever!

Poked our heads in one of the glass blowing shops.  It's amazing what they can do!

(this photo was in Venice because they didn't really want us taking pics here in their shops.)

There was an Island that was just a cemetery - but we didn't have time to visit.
Next time :)

I'm getting tired so I will just add a few random photos and maybe 
come back and organize this a little better.
Still so many photos to sort through for the rest of the trip!

We didn't pay to ride in a Gondola...but it was so fun to watch the 
Gondoliers in their striped shirts and hats. 

Pretty things and amazing masks (check out those glasses above!)

I didn't miss my big camera once on this trip!  I was surprised very much. 
Also amazed that I could capture this night scene on a moving boat!
Loving my Olympus mirrorless!

We shopped at the market and cooked up a delicious meal at our apartment one day.

Our favorite meal in Venice was here!

And so was my worst on another day!

I would never recommend ordering Cuttle Fish with Black Ink Squid Sauce.  
The worst thing I have ever put in my mouth :)  Ever.

Passing by a Vaparetto.  They really are just like buses here or a subway on water :)

Reflection selfie :)  Pinching ourselves every day.

Clothes out on a line always puts a smile on my face.

Getting lost in the back streets and alleyways and just watching the people.

The lady with her arm out the window was happily chatting with 
her neighbor across the alley while she was hanging out her morning laundry.

Watching the people.  I love them all!
Wish I knew their stories.

One of my very favorite memories...watching these two 
get settled in their  Gondola.  Priceless.

Gelato...couldn't get enough of this! 
 Limone was probably our favorite flavor.

My favorite door on the Grand Canal

oh.  so many to share.