Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The Seasons of Liberty

Our first visit to the lot we fell in love with was late October, 2017 It was truly love at first sight and felt like home the moment we walked out on it.  The afternoon was very cool and crisp.  The leaves were all off the trees and it really wasn't a lovely time of year - but we felt the beauty and peace.

This was taken a week later when we came back for a weekend 
to check out the valley and see if we really wanted to commit to property here.
Sunrise looking East from the road above the property.

 First visit in the winter! We stopped with the kids after tubing at Nordic Valley.

 It made my heart happy to see them running around and squealing.  
Wish we would have have had Delylah with us, too!!
(Looking West)

 We love the quiet.  
(Photo looking South - Owen looking East)

We just can't wait to make a gazillion memories here with our family and friends.

Just about to get bombarded with snowballs!
(Looking East)

 We didn't have a lot of snow this winter - I think this is February. We drove down with Wendell and he and Mark measured off the easement to start thinking about how we should place the house.

Even though its a barren time of year, we love the view!

In early April we got to show Emily, Ben, Janell and Bauer.
So far everyone has approved our little piece of heaven!

Late afternoon in May.  

 It has been so fun to see what is naturally growing on our lot 
with each passing season and to feel the light.

This is looking North West.  Our lot doesn't sit on a perfect 
N S E W grid so it's interesting to follow the light.


This was about the end of August and we wanted to look at where the trees are placed.  We'd like to save as many as possible.  Sadly, some will have to go.  Hopefully we will be able to keep some of the ones that are on the more north end.  Again this view looks west.

 Mark and Wendell have on twinning thinking uniforms :D

A few lingering blooms...even though they are weeds, color is good!

Fall!  This is mid September and the scrub oak are covered with these cute tiny acorns!

Looking east here.  There is a lot between that home and us.  That lot also burned in early July from an accidental fire that Garlicks landscaper started by a spark made when the back hoe hit a rock.  It was very scary and came extremely close to that house and the Garlicks.  There have been way too many devastating fires this year in Utah. It is a bit frightening realizing it a risk when you build in the mountains.

The mellow fall color.  I took this towards the end of September when 
my little quilting group met at Lisa's home.

And this just about brings us full circle for the past year.
Exciting things ahead!  Wish we could blink ourselves there in our new home.

One day soon....

Monday, October 1, 2018

Annual Leaf Peeping Drive

This is the second year we have taken Mom Marie up Logan Canyon 
for a little leaf peeping.  It was a delightful day!  
What a beautiful world we live in.

Tony's Grove

  Most of these photos were just shooting out the window with my cell phone.  
Every turn was a painting!

.  We certainly don't take the beautiful seasons we enjoy for granted.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Christmas 2107

Time together is the best gift we can ask for!!