Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wishing For A Little More Blue Sky

Must admit we are getting a bit of cabin fever around here. We better think of something to do about that! Meanwhile we are making the most of winter. The girls are loving the powder and doing great in school. Jake, Lindsey & Molly were up for the weekend. I kid you not when I tell you it seems as if she is growing right before our eyes! She is beautiful and she has wonderful parents.

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Hope you all knew that is was national pie day last Saturday. We didn't want to miss out on that wonderful celebration. Another few interesting dates you might want to know about ~ sorry to let you know we all probably missed Jan 3rd which was national sleep day, national humiliation day as well as J. R.R. Tolkien's Bday (he was born in 1892!)

TODAY ~ National Chocolate Cake Day ( I am all over that one!)
Jan 28 ~ National Kazoo Day (Yahoo for the Kazoo!)
Jan 29 ~ National Puzzle Day ( We love puzzles at our house)
Jan 31 ~ National Backwards Day (Dinner for breakfast and visa versa?)
If you want to check out the fun and crazy things you can celebrate during the wonderful winter month of February, go here.

But back to pie day....I am the lucky one who years ago inherited my Grandma Julia's rolling pin and pastry cutter. I think of her every time I make a pie. Family items and recipes that are handed down are wonderful ways to connect to the past.
We celebrated with Fresh Blueberry Pie and Lemon Meringue.
They were pretty tasty.
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Hope you all enjoy the final days of the month we know and love as January.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Guests at Deer Hollow

Tuesday night we had some of our favorite peeps spend the night here. Dave, Valli & little Madeline. This cute little family currently lives in Tennessee. Dave will be shipping out for another 1 year employment to Afghanistan in a few more months. We have known Dave and his family since he was just a boy. We loved having them here and had a great visit with them. Valli has a pretty facinating background and from the minute Mark heard her say her grandparents & parents both homesteaded in Alaksa . . .well that was all he needed for a long interigation session. Poor Valli, she hardly got a bite of her dinner down her. (at least while it was still warm!) Valli very graciously shared some really facinating stories of her childhood and what it was like to live with no indoor plumbing - a dog that chewed up electrical wiring to their home - and some pretty crazy bear stories! We love to visit with people! Thanks D,V & M for being such fun and gracious guests. They are also fellow bee-keepers and we had a little honey exchange! How sweet it is to have such wonderful friends. We wish them both luck and blessings as they journey through their next year united, yet apart. Love you!!

* * *

The next morning after snapping some cute pics of the bright eyed beauty ~ baby Madeline - Dave, Valli, & I were watching a little flock of Pheasants out the window. We saw a few deer and were commenting on what a great place this is! As we glanced over to the neighbors yard we could hardly believe what we saw! Two bucks having a little sparing competition! Whoa! Never seen that in your yard before. Of course I was off scrambling for the camera and our new little Flip and actually we caught a glimpse of it. I wanted to see how easy it was to upload video ~ it was VERY easy and you can see a little snip of what we witnessed below. The funniest thing to me was that Dave just happened to have his turkey caller and his deer caller in his bag out in the car. So off he went to grab them and I was totally entertained by how they work. I think we could have us some fun if we were to have a few animal callers of our own! You know, there are some wild turkeys running around Logan these days...and who knows what might happen!

"She's mine, I tell you!"

Guess that is the end of it. "I'll be leaving now."

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Ok so kinda lame-o. You can't click on these to make them larger.
What's that all about.

In this last one, watch for the third one
on the upper right center of the screen.

Monday, January 18, 2010

January is ticking away...

January at Deer Hollow. Saturday we had a gorgeous day with blue skies and a visit from Jack Frost. It was beautiful. We have had a family of deer frequenting our yard. There are triplets and they are very cute. The one pictured here was having a good look at me through the den window last Friday. The sweet little bird was a hard catch. I snapped this photos through the kitchen window. We have bird feeders hung in the tree near the deck. There have been so many little feathered friends around this winter. (Guess they feel more comfortable here with our two cats gone.) I need to find out what kind of a bird he is - I feel a new hobby coming on! Do you realize how chatty the birds are this time of year? I guess I haven't always listened for them, but they are alive and doing well in our neck of the woods. I have plans for some more bird photography.
I love them!!

Below are a few photos from our December...We had a houseful of happiness!

A few pictures of Molly and her happy parents.
Papa wrote the sweet list of words on the chalkboard
the day after Molly arrived on earth.
We love her.

On the lucky years we have a special treat here in Cache Valley
we have a really neat ice skating rink at Merlin Olsen Park. Camber
and I took Liam down to try it out while he was here. He loved it
for a minute and then decided it was too slippery. We had a good time with him.
It was fun to see everyone there enjoying their evening at the rink.

I am having a hard time uploading photos. I can get these collages to work just fine, but anything from iphoto is just not working for me. You can double click on any of them for a larger view. We hope you are all finding lots of fun things to do this winter.
We sure enjoy the seasons.
What a treat it is to live in such a beautiful place.
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Knighthood...And MORE!

Family History fascinates me! It's such a thrill to put personality and purpose to a name printed on piece of paper. I am currently taking a Family History Class through BYU that requires me to write a 25-40 page paper covering two generations before my birth. The time has come to decide who to write about and I decided to look into the life of Amos Herrick (5 great grandpa's back) who served in the Revolutionary War under George Washington. While poking around I discovered Sir William Eyrick (Herrick) and his wife, (Lady) Joan May. William was knighted in 1605. Turns out that he was a goldsmith for King James. William was born at Beau Manor Park, Leicestershire, England in 1557. "He was a successful coureir & politician from 1575, when he first attached himself to the Court of Queen Elizabeth by whom he was commissioned on an important embassy to the Ottomon Porte." (Whatever all that means!)

Williams parents where John & Mary Heyrick (Herrick). I found the following epitaph (exact spelling kept) on the tombstone of John Heyrick in some of my readings:

"Here lieth tlie body of John Heyrick, late of the Parish, who departed this life ye 2d of Aprill, 1589, being about the age of 76. He did marry Marie, ye daughter of John Bond of Wardende, in Countie of Warwicke, Esquire, and did live with Mary, in one house, full fifty-two years; abd in all that tyme, never buried man, woman, or chiild, though they were sometimes twenty in house-hold. He had yssue by ye sais Marie, 5 sonnes and seven daughters. The said John was mayor of this towne in anno 1559, and again in anno 1572. The said Marie departed this life ye 8th of December, 1611, being the age of 97 years. She did see before her departure, of her children, and to the number of 142."

So Daddy, Neil. You and mom, only number posterity to 57
- you have a little time ahead of you! :)

Beaumanor is now a convention center. (We printed this booklet out and it is very interesting to read!) It stayed in the family hands until just preceding World War II.
The present Beaumanor is at least the third house in the same spot. Now a trip to Leicestershire is on my bucket list.

Another neat fact is that the Manor was used as a intelligence center during World War II. A little bit about that here. There were several buildings on the Herrick's 6,000 + acre property. Ye Olde Bulls Head is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a servant girl. (See #1. on the link)

Here is someone's rendition of what the family crest was like.

The motto "Virtu Omnia Nobilitat" translates to
"Virtue Ennobles All Things"

Another neat link is here. You can read a little bit about the history of the Herrick name and its origin and also about Beaumanor Hall and Park. I have printed off pages of the history of "our Herricks" from this site if you would like a copy I am happy to share.

Now we can speed up time and jump to Salem Massachusetts in the late 1600's. Here we meet Henry Herrick and his lovely wife, Editha. (Jake & Lindsey: should this have been a consideration for a name? Kidding.) I read somewhere last night where they started a congregation and were very religious people. Check this out about our great, great, etc uncle, Henry's brother, Joseph.

Now lest I bore you all with my ramblings I will close leaving this food for thought. Hope it was interesting to someone in our family. :)

One more thing before I get back to my research -
One of Dad's (Mark's) ancestors hated snakes (imagine that!) His name was Matthew Young. Whenever he saw one he would yell,
"Hi cha rubisha besta!"
I really want to know what that translates to!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year & Happy Birthday!

What a beautiful way to bring in the new year!

We'd like to introduce you to the newest addition to our family. Lindsey & Jake's adorable little daughter was born this morning at Logan Regional Hospital. She weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and is 19 inches long. She has little bit of dark hair and great big beautiful eyes. She looks pretty good in this photo just a few minutes old! Newborns change so quickly and this sweet little face has won our hearts! Lindsey did great and they are both doing well. We are anxious to know her name. Mom and Dad are still pondering it over.

Lindsey did great. What a miracle birth is!

Grandpa was lucky enough to get to check her out from head to toe.
She is perfect!!

This is one very happy little family!
Thank you all for your prayers and for your

kind wishes of welcome. We can't wait for you to meet her in person!
Wow...Once in a blue moon!