Sunday, July 27, 2014

July is for Birthdays!

Mark and Brady share a birthday and we skyped with them 
while the two boys blew out their birthday candles together!

It was so much to have Janell down for a visit for a few days!  We probably wore her right out!!

 She was happy to be a part of the big secret birthday surprise that Molly had planned!

She got to be a part of the grand "rapade" complete with a "banister" !!
{As Molly explained to her...and it was a big surprise!}

 Nana barely had time to get her camera turned on!

and before Papa knew what had hit him,
he was covered from head to toe in silly string!
{Great idea, Molly!}

The following sequence makes me laugh every time I look at it!
It looks as if he was shocked about 40 years into the future with that empty stare!

 Oh, timing is everything!

 He is loved and they are loved!  No question about that.

And we can't forget benny!  He turned one year old!  He wasn't sure he was liking all the
crazy going on around him but Owen had his back and explained the whole silly string to him.
I don't think he was fan.

 After cake and ice cream Papa had a good story going on.  
No idea what the plot was, but it looks like Owen gave it a very funny ending.
Papa said he was telling them about of some of the gifts he
got when he was a little boy.

These moments!


Grandpa Flinders turned 80 this year! 
Sometimes the candid shots you get with your phone are pretty priceless..

 We celebrated with almost every family member within reasonable driving distance.  The adults and missionary age grand kids all gathered to do some sealing in the Mount Timpanogos temple.
Really sweet time together, especially knowing that three of these kids are now out on their missions.

 Sometimes it even takes the adults some sorting out time before a group photo :)
 but then everything gets settled nicely ... almost
 until you notice everyone's feet just got cut off...
but hey, we are all smiling and just had a very sweet time in the temple together
so it's ok.

 I think he looks pretty darn good for turning 80, don't you??!

We love him!

Owen is a very loving little boy.  It only takes asking nicely once for him to share a bear hug or a kiss

Shaura and Dean arranged a birthday dinner for Grandpa Firth at Rodizio's.
No one took a photo and I wasn't able to be there :(  We love him much though!!
 {I'll just take the liberty to insert one of my favs!}

Grandma Flinders had her birthday on the 24th! 
Shelley arranged this little celebration and most ... some ... 
ok, maybe two and a half of the boys were thrilled to 
gather for the photo. (Coleman you get a 1/2 point for trying)

I heard the Lemon Cream Pie was fabulous!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy Birthday America!

These four started the day out bright and early.  Jake wasn't feeling too great so he stayed with the
kids.  I ran over to help with the neighborhood pancake breakfast.

This was Janell's first ride out on the road and she did great!
(Despite that look of hesitation there)

 We are ready to celebrate independence day!

 If you roast a hot dog just right Owen will demonstrate how to eat it

 Molly is getting some expert S'more instruction and it is worth the wait!

And now a few shots of our firework extravaganza.  
Camber missed it on the 4th so we did more just for her the next night.

 Owen's face :)

He'll be warming up to all the noise.

 We had one go a little too high!

Fireworks bring out the kid in all of us!

We really weren't trying to blow up your mommy, Owen!

My low light photography could certainly use a little help, but the kids were pretty cute!


Owen was much more at ease the second night :)

Hope you all enjoyed your 4th as much as we did...
besides missing our family who are far from us.