Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bunk Beds Completed :)

Papa finished the bunk beds and they are ready for guests.
Now Nana needs to get busy and make some cozy quilts to sleep under.
(excuse the clutter...we are still finding homes for everything)

 It's that time of year!  Homemade Spudnuts! 
 Camber came up for the weekend with an agenda:
Homemade Chili
Art for my walls!

She was able to check it all off her list.

 We got busy up in the studio and Dad took an old canvas from the thrift shop that had
an acrylic painting of trees and a barn and gave it a modern twist.

 Davis, Camber & I got busy collaging two canvas pieces
 She wanted to mod podge the old papers down and then white wash 
them for a cool textured background.

 Dad completes his painting and we come up with a cool idea of
writing favorite sayings around and in the will be art in progress!

We found on old piece of styrofoam so we cut it up and 
made a stamp for her trees.

 She finished it off with some color and glued down brightly 
colored leaves made from wool. Great work and lots of fun!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Puppies...Pizza and Cousins

 That's what we found at the Jacklin house on our way home from St. George!
The first order of business was to check in on the chickens and say hello to our friends the horses.

 The pizza was delicious!  Only best out of this kitchen! 
We enjoyed a sweet skype session with Miss Em and shared a lot of
good laughs as we enjoyed her latest update.
 Peach dessert came next and then off we went to play with the puppies!

 Living life in the moment...
nothing is much sweeter than this.

Century #4

Can you believe it? That's not too shabby for a man who has begun his 5th decade! This time we drove down to red rock of southern Utah.  Beautiful! We graciously accepted an invitation to stay in a lovely condo of some sweet friends and really enjoyed our little getaway.

 The condo was beautiful and the weather was perfect!

Walk through the courtyard and into the house...where does little goldilocks end up?
That's Papa's bed!  And she was quite pleased with herself.
 This is where the baby bear really slept....well when she wasn't snuggling 
wih her Papa and Nana, that is.

Ballgames, card games and watching Molly kept us all pretty entertained.

 A giant tub just perfect for a bubble bath!

 One night the guys cooked us a delicious dinner that we enjoyed out on the patio with a cozy fire.

Playing on the Red Rock

Visiting the temple grounds

And the ride!
(Mark will add his thoughts here)

And when it was all over they were still smiling!!
And resting on the bench was a great thing!

 Meanwhile Molly was pitter pattering through the fountain.
 The clothes came off...

 And before long she had lured Papa and Daddy in.
What a great way to cool down.
Last morning...Steak and Eggs
and we were on the road again....