Monday, March 17, 2014

Can You Freeze TIme For A Moment?

It's such a beautiful evening we were all craving some outside time in the mountains.  Brady has been here with a business conference at USU.  We've loved every minute with him!! We never run out of great conversation :)  And that laugh of his - we can't get enough of it.  

First a few short videos of Uncle B time:

He introduced Molly to the art of arm wrestling

And a good old fashioned game of Rock Paper Scissors!

Molly missed her nap and we all got a kick our of her pouting!  Kick the can was awesome until Brady had a crash landing.  I am experimenting a little with the video function of my camera.  You tube is much more user friendly these days and so is blogger with the upload!

Uncle Jake had a great hiding place!

The can is about to get kicked!

Good bye kisses and a silly face for Liam and Elsie

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Our Irish Dancer

She's been dancing' since she was a wee one.

Some things just come naturally

 We are so happy she is ours

Long hours of practice pay off and faith and a special blessing helped a sprained ankle

She surprised us all with her solo!!  IF I would have know it was coming I would have attempted better photos or a video.  She performed her Sterling Scholar dance and it was a treat to see!!

This band has been playing together for a long time and the amazing tenor, Kent Braddy (far right) is leaving soon.  He and his wife, who has danced with Emily have been good friends to her.  Sara was Camber's violin teacher and she always treats us to an amazing show! 
Good people in this valley. 
 So much talent!!

Molly loved attending the show and it was a bonus to sit on Uncle Brady's lap!  
They had a great conversation going on during intermission.  
She was telling him all about meeting the princesses at Disneyland.  
You know, those important things in life.

We are going to miss her energy on the stage and that smile that melts away your troubles.

We hope that in some way she will always find an opportunity to dance.  She has a gift.

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

We feel pretty l u c k y !!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Dearest Friends

 The Boatwrights have been family friends for many years.  We immediately connected with them when we first met and have shared so many beautiful experiences with them.
 They are examples of Christlike love in every way.  

They showed up one cool spring evening to plant two trees in honor of Davis.  
They have the best kids on the planet who really know how to work, even at their young ages.

We enjoyed our visit as we watched them put love into action.

Lots of laughter and reminiscing. 

The Flowering Hawthorn  they planted in the front was to represent the thorns and beauty Davis and our family experienced together.  The organic branches are his free spirited adventure.  The thousands of tiny blossoms that will appear every spring around his birthday are also to feed to the bees.
So thoughtful!

The kids were excited about the thought of Strawberry Shortcake 
and got right to work helping me in the kitchen.

It was a perfect night with some of our very favorite people!
We are so blessed.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spoonful of Grief Work

Mark has found a lot of comfort working down in his wood shop the past few months.

 He has been carving a few spoons :)

 He has a gift with wood.

He found a sweetness there as he would pick someone he cared about and spent time thinking about them as he carved their spoon.  I have similar comfort when I make a quilt with someone special in mind. 
 I learn much from the wonderful man I am blessed to call my husband.
 It is something else to create a unique, one of a kind item. 
And he is especially happy he has found a way to share his art in a way that
is useful in his attempt to heal as well as in a meaningful gift for others.