Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day & A Dance

Nothing quite warms the cold winter up like Valentines Day....

Bright Cheery Flowers....

& Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bears!

Another one of dating age!  Unbelievable!  Miss Camber had a sweet little date to the Sweetheart Dance and Lindsey was a doll to come over and help her get all done up!

Her hair was adorable!  

Bree & Camber ready to go get the boys - notice Camber tippy-toeing her petite self up!

On the menu: Grilled Shrimp with Roasted Pineapple Chutney, Green Garden Salad, Warm Rolls & Clam Chowder, Chicken Cordon Bleu with Garlic Cheese Mashed Potatoes. Dessert will be later on after the dance.  (Thanks Tamra, for your help with the lovely meal!)

Camber's date, Riley,  sets a fashion trend with a double tie!  Sweet!

The day before the dance, our cute friend Jocie's, adorable mom brought this little purse over for Camber to take with her.  When Lisa was younger she had a penpal from Japan who sent her this hand-beaded purse.  She took it to her dances and her girls have carried on the tradition.  It was the sweetest thing for Camber to take this with her and have a little piece of Jocie there on this night. Thank you, Lisa, for your love and thoughtfulness.

Thank you, Riley, for being such a complete gentleman with our daughter.  
You are a great friend.  
The wrist corsage was gorgeous!!

It was great night.  Memories for everyone to tuck away.
Here's a funny story about the night.  We had a snow storm and the roads were very slick!  Bree's date, Stuart, had gone downtown to pick up the corsage for her.  On his way home he finds out the steep road up to his house is closed off until the sanding trucks can get there.  His Dad gathers up his clothes and runs down the ravene behind our house where Riley picks them up.  Stuart speedily gets ready at Rileys house and all is well. 

BreeAnn's mom made a scruptious dessert 
that they all enjoyed after the dance.
(Thanks for dipping the Strawberry's, Em.  Nice touch.)

Happy Valentines' Day everyone! 

(And could you all just quit growing up so fast? Please? Thank you.)

Tyler Rocks

Last week we had a rare opportunity to watch one of our nephews play ball!  We have so many talented athletes in our family and live too far from them to see them in action, so this was a real treat.  Tyler is awesome.  He is a Sophomore at American Fork High and is a great all-around guy, on and off the court.  He was much too fast for the camera, but we wanted to share a few photos anyway.  Tyler has a sweet shot and a lot of drive and enthusiasm.  We think he rocks!  We also hope to see some of our other peeps out there doin' their thing in the near future!  Keep up the great work.  We love you guys.

There he is ...  #20 ... droppin a sweet three pointer!

I knew I would reverse these shots!  Anyway...nothing but net! Swoosh.

Great job Tyler! Isn't he cute?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Park City Get Away

The girls joined us the last couple of days in Park City.  The plan was to let them ski a few days, but the snow was so crumby we decided to save our pesos.  We had a great time shopping, eating, poking around in the shops & galleries and hanging out in our room.  Much better than sitting in class!! (Right, girls?) Tracy had recommended this quaint little "hole in the wall" place to eat called Karleen's Uptown Fare.  It is located up at the very end of Main Street on the right hand side, under a hotel.  (A cute lady out walking her dog, Toto had to point it out to us.)  It was divine!  We loved it so much earlier in the week that we wanted to bring the girls back!  Great home cooking - they roast a turkey for sandwiches nearly daily and have amazing soups.  All the desserts are lined up in front of the register and you get to go pick out whatever you'd like after you finish lunch - of course for a price, but it was lovely.  The owner told us a funny story about "Sundance Film Festival".  In years past the have had to deal with the snobby stars who are so bossy and picky about how they want their sandwich and what they will or won't eat on it. So this year they actually hired a bouncer and only let the locals in!!  We LOVED that story. It made all those poor little rich people sooo angry - especially when they were getting some amazing coverage from the media.  We will definately be back!

The door height will give you a clue as to how tiny this place is.  The floor doesn't have an even spot anywhere!  Tiny little tables are tucked everywhere.  It's kind of like being in a little hobbit house.
I forgot the owners name, but here she is.
Stacey's Beet & Blue Cheese Salad was yummy!  
(Note the simplicity of the paper plates.)

A few items warrant real dishes such as the soup and the 
AMAZING Chocolate Cake! (Never had better.Ever.)

Emily found a hot seat...and Camber found a wet one.  
We sure had a sweet little get-away.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Week in Park City and NOT Skiing??

I'm know that is a crazy thought for a lot of people, but for me it's a true statement. Mark has a conference here this week and the nice man invited me to come along! (BTW, the snow here is really crumby ice, ice, ice and only groomers this week - but the sunshine it GLORIOUS and Mark is just happy to have the capability to be up on the hill with all he has been through the past few weeks.) I am just savoring the peaceful, quiet time in this lovely little studio room we have here at The Canyons. My days consist of a much needed visit to the fitness room downstairs, gourmet omelets, shopping, reading, quilting and great evenings shared with Mark! It has been warm enough to sit out on the veranda and soak up the sun while reading. So nice. This room is very cozy, too. The time here is going fast and so I am keeping this short. I wanted to show you this neat quilt I am piecing this morning. I am calling it my Obama Inauguration Commemoration Quilt. I found this sweet fabric at the Red Rooster that is americana with a twist of Brown!! You never see brown with americana and I love the color combo. I love even more that (and I mean this with total respect!) it will represent for me, our cute, brown President! I have heard the sweetest stories of friends who attented the inauguration and have shared stories that brought tears to my eyes - about people who were there when Martin Luther King gave his speech and then were able to be there again for this momentous occassion. I LOVE AMERICA and all things patriotic. I am happy to be making this little throw this morning. Now - back to sewing. ;D

Just a peek at the quilt design. This is the easiest little quilt I have ever put together!