Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Emily!

14 is a pretty cute age . . . but our baby will be in high school next year! We sure love Em and hope this year will be wonderful for her. She is the lucky new owner of a shiny red bicycle ~ her "wheels" for the times that her private chauffeur, Camber can't transport her to and from her many social engagements.

This year she chose to try out a new restaurant instead of the traditional 'mom makes your favorite dinner & dessert'. I think it was a kindness towards her mom although they all know I LOVE cooking for them. We had a fantastic time at Elements and sampled some pretty tasty desserts. The appetizer is shown in the collage -
homemade potato chips with bleu cheese, monterey jack cheese and bits of bacon! WoW. The entrees were delicious as well. (we noticed they serve breakfast...hmmmm)

This is how the Emily's day ended in Cache Valley.
This sunset topped off a gorgeous double rainbow, which I didn't capture(we have a few trees that block some views :)
What a gorgeous place to live!