Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cache Valley Century, check.

 Cache Valley Century 2013.
A day Mark looks forward to every year.  He loves to ride around this glorious valley we live in.
Lindsey was looking forward to fully completing her first ever century.  Jake had injured his knee earlier in the week and decided to bite the bullet and attempt it anyway!  
Pretty cool, sophisticated, wrap, huh?
These three had complete success and such a great ride together!

Meanwhile...back at the ranch...
We headed to the kitchen before we were even dressed and mixed up a cake and some pretty crazy baby cupcakes.  Some days, three-year-olds, have very specific ideas in mind ;)  Molly is great in the kitchen and Owen loves to help.  Then we took a little picnic to the park.  Super fun day for everyone!  Summer has been wonderful.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thirty One

 Celebrating 31 years together is a happy thought!

We have been craving time in our favorite place, Jackson Hole.  
But since we can't be there we decided to take an evening 
float in the canoe ... in our pretty little valley.
 The dragon flies were fluttering everywhere at Cutler Marsh.  
Such pretty little things.  They are said to represent:

* Mind
* Dreams
* Balance
* Thoughts
* Awareness
* Living to the fullest

Sounds just like a marriage, doesn't it?
 The Marsh is pretty much right out in the center of the Valley.  Had we been floating in the morning
hours, we could have some pretty spectacular shots of the Wellsvilles.  Maybe next time.
 We do live a very glorious place.  Even the Marsh is pretty and peaceful.
 We had hoped to view lots of various birds, but I think they all migrated last week!
These beauties were spotted as we were driving north to dinner.
 I wouldn't mind this view out my back window.

 The simple things like the smell of freshly cut hay.

 Dinner was delightful.  A perfect day.
We'll just keep looking for the silver linings.


Mark had been tinkering in his shop last week and this is what he whipped out!

What a sweet gift! I made Apple Crisp for him ;)
Happy Anniversary to us!  We feel very blessed.