Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fourteen Days With Liam

We had an amazing gift in August. . .fourteen delightful days 
with our beautiful grandson, Liam.
He got to stay with us while his Daddy & Mommy took an amazing trip to Russia.  

This little man is growing up at lightening speed! 
He is a character full of a never-ending
supply of energy and curiosity.  
He is loving and sweet.  
He is practically perfect in every way.

At our house you can't say good-bye - it's always 
"see ya later!"
Otherwise, the puddles around here would be a flood zone.

We crammed a whole lot of fun into those 14 days
and took many, many photos ...

Liam got to visit with his great grandparents down in the lovely town of Pleasant Grove. 
Papa Neil has three horses that he bonded with instantly and made sure they were never lacking for a apple to crunch on.  He seemed to wonder what exactly he should do once he got up on the horse. 

It's the little things that are simply joyful.

He calls us Nana and Papa.
We love it.

Logan's tiny little zoo was a huge hit!

Throwing berries in the water in our backyard was 
like taking a trek in the woods.  
He could have fished for hours with a stick 
or chased chipmunks for days.

He made two sets of great grandparents very, very happy!

We spent a morning at First Dam feeding the ducks 
 and driving Papa's boat around.
The ducks weren't so sure they liked the last part!

Every inch of this little guy is remarkable. We could watch his antics forever.

We love you, Liam!  
See ya later...alligator!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Logan Temple

This afternoon the light was magical. The towers of the temple

seemed to be glowing. I grabbed my camera and dashed up

there to see what I could capture. These are the times I wish

I had a real, honest-to-goodness-photo-brain!

Lucky for me they turned out pretty sweet. (The camera

is the trick, here!) There is one I am in love with and want to

work on it to get some prints done.

I'd love to find out if there is a fire in the area

or just what is causing this amazing color

and light in the sky. They are currently re-doing the

landscaping on the temple grounds. The goal is a design

to better fit the era of the architecture of the temple,

as well as provide a water feature that is more safe

and a better flow for groups that come for weddings.

Can't wait to see what the finished product

will look like! We understand there will be an oval reflection

pool. It is such a beautiful building.

A fortress in so many ways.

We love it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Come On, Eat Those Veggies.

We love eating our veggies...especially in the form of 
Chocolate Zucchini Cake!
or ... Carrot Zucchini Cake mmmm.

A nice morning for baking

So far we have only been harvesting some tiny little 'maters ... 
and they have been
very sweet and tasty.  
Last night, Mark came in with this funny little guy 
and we just don't have the heart to eat him!
Don't you just love it when produce just
morphs into something that makes you laugh
right out loud? Nature has a way of keeping us in awe.
From sunsets to honey bees, from the ocean to 


Isn't he the cutest thing ever?? 
And very photogenic!
And speaking of fruits & vegetables, we came across this
 tasty item at our beloved farmers market ...
Yes, it does read  Chocolate Raspberry Jam
and it is very tasty on warm toast.
What's growing in your garden this year??

Sunday, August 2, 2009


We have a few neighbors who can be rather bothersome in the evening.  There was one time in the not so far past, that one of them came uninvited into our home.  What a commotion that caused.  The pesky little critters are really smart and know right where we keep the cat food.  They have even figured out how to untwist a lid off a 5 gallon bucket. Crime-anently.  Last night  in the early hours of the morning we heard one of the cats whining and crying...if cats do that - you know what I mean.  So Mark got up to check things out - and as soon as he opened the garage to let the whiney cat out - he saw one of our neighbors scurry out the door.  Now we know why she was making such a fuss all night and why the wooden trim around our door is now torn to pieces.  The raccoon had been locked in the garage for the night!  
The joys of living in our little neck of the woods.

Do you think raccoons have mean teeth?  I do.


This past week we had some girl time at our house...that means Costa Vida, shopping, auditioning for a manequin job @ Old Navy ~

Beading creative anklets & earrings & bracelets & necklaces...
Laughing much.

Tea Parties by Emily

and whipping up 3 comfy quilts
for 3 adorable nieces.