Friday, April 30, 2010

We Can't Keep Him Down

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So crutches are old school folks - the new way to be mobile when you are listed on the injured reserve list would be on this nifty little knee walker, or as Mark calls it, Jamaica the Scooter (because it is f a s t like their bobsled team was) OK. Whatever. He just doesn't want to sit still. The scooter has a hand brake that he has already deemed no good. :) He worked a 1/2 day today and did pretty well. He is quite surprised that he isn't in more pain. That's a good thing. We all know that rehab will be making up for that in a few more weeks. He is a trooper and still smiling.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Update ~ Tuesday

Papa is resting at home tonight after his surgery. Everything went well. They put a block in behind his knee so he is numb for about 24 hours - or so they say. He has an 8" incision and will be home with his foot elevated for two days. Friday he thinks he needs to go into work for awhile. We will see about that. A cute nurse brought him two of his favorite treats ever ~
Cream Soda & Chocolate with Nuts.
Everyone loves this guy up there. It was fun to see them all take such good care of him.
Sweet dreams Mark~
and thank you everyone for your love and well wishes.

Just an innocent game of racket ball Saturday morning.
His Achilles tendon snapped.
Stinky deal. Surgery Tuesday afternoon.
Isn't that life? Just one thing after another.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Yesterday Davis turned twenty. He was the fourth child to join our happy little family. He was definitely welcomed with lots of love and attention. Brady was especially thrilled to finally have a brother! He brought with him a very laid back attitude and a heart of gold. But don't be fooled by his quiet little smirks - he had a way of enjoying life to fullest as a little guy. There wasn't anything he wouldn't try and was successful a it all. He is a very gifted athlete and musician. He has spent the past two years in Portland working and taking some classes. He plans to attend USU this fall. We wish him much success as he pursues his education and finds his way in life.

For his birthday dinner he chose an old stand by at our house, Tuna Casserole. 100% comfort food. Our kids grew up on this and still love it today. We changed it up a bit with some sun dried tomatoes and little lemon zest. Delish. Friends came a calling before we could whip up his birthday milkshake . . . another day.

We sure love you, Davis. You are such a blessing in each of our lives.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Feet

Yesterday was the end of year recital for Inishfre. Emily was invited to be a member of the 'The Company' and was almost beyond words. The Company is the most advanced group in Inishfre and is pretty much by invitaion only. She is by far the youngest in the group. She had been asked to join them in a few of their numbers this past year. She was in heaven. Dancing is a part of her heart. She looks so natural and graceful on the stage. We are so proud her! She has worked very hard this year. She has certainly found a little piece of heaven with Irish Dancing.
Irish Dancers Rock!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bee-utiful Day in Cache Valley

A little update about our girls. All three hives survived the winter. That was the first time we have not lost 1/3 of our bees - the typical thing that I happens, we hear. Hive number 3 is extremely strong. We will put the feeders on tonight. Below you can see the queen herself - right in the center of the photo (sorry the focus wasn't on her). It is energizing to go out and watch them at work ~ especially when the hive is opened up like this. It truly fascinates me! Hive 1 & 2 aren't as strong. #1 had some brood - hive #2 didn't have any. That means they most likely lost their queen. Mark "borrowed" some brood from #3 and we will see if they decide to make their own queen. Did you notice the hint of green on the tree behind my cute guy?? :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Problem With Gardening

Besides the abundance of trees in our yard, providing us with shade and privacy and lots of leaf raking in the fall....the above photo shows our main excuse for being unable to grow a productive vegetable garden or keep blooming flowers around for extended periods of time.

Deer Hollow has been given a proper name.

We have counted at least 8-10 of these four-legged creatures on numerous occasions this past year. We really hope they head up the hill. They are looking much to at home in our yard.

We are hopeful that the next photo we post of our yard will much more alive with color!

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Little Chocolate and Springtime Colors

Just sharing a tasty chocolate treat.
Recipe is over here at We Seek...
I am on week 10 of my 2010 Project ~
Trying to find ways to reuse - use up - and enjoy


every single week.

It's good for my soul.

Below are some pretty spring colors ~
I hand dye wool.
I love the process.

Hope you all find some spring in your step this week!
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break

By the looks of things outside you certainly wouldn't say it is quite spring around here.
(A little joke Mother Nature played on us on April Fools Day -
The tree crashed down right on the steps leading up to the firepit.)
But Spring Break has arrived and green or no green, we plan to enjoy ourselves! We took off on an adventure: Mom, Dad, Camber, Em, Jake, Lindsey & little Molly. We sure wish the rest of our clan could have been here to join us, but nevertheless, we had to forge forward. Our journey took us to a beautiful corner of our lovely state. We enjoyed every minute of it.

We spent the first night at the awesome Jacklin Family's B&B. A nice visit, warm beds and Biscuits and Gravy for breakfast! We traveled to the lovely town of Price and explored the College of Eastern Utah's Prehistoric Museum. Very interesting and some pretty cool exhibits. We learned a lot there and got to see the bones of the most awesome Utah Raptor. Man alive did that creature have some claws! There have been some fascinating discoveries of the ancient type - right here in our own backyard! What I wouldn't give to have been a fly on the wall when the Fremont Indians were hanging out. We just love history!

We stayed in Hanksville at the Henry Mountain Hideout. Not so bad. We had a little kitchen and a great table to play games and cards till we couldn't keep our eyes open and comfy little beds. The first day we explored a nifty slot canyon - Little Wild Horse Canyon. Very nice indeed. The terrain would change around every bend and there was plenty of rock to scramble up and over and around and through.
Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.

We also spent some time in Goblin Valley. You certainly feel like you have left our planet when you visit this great little playground! If it would have been a little warmer for Miss Molly and if the rest of our clan would have been with us - can you imagine the game of Capture the Flag you could play here?! Just loads of fun!

Above you can see the Tow-Mator Truck which was truly parked in the lot right across the street from our motel. Nifty. And that other broken down truck ~ we found it in the middle of nowhere! - the San Rafael Swell is a beautiful place to explore - so much like the Grand Canyon. But you really do feel like you are out in the middle of nowhere! There is not a sound to be heard. So beautiful, vast and peaceful. The Rock Art we came across was something you just wanted to stare at and soak in.

Below are some pics from Little Horse Canyon.
I think it was one of our favorite places to hike around.
We'd go back for sure!

Goblin Valley, Temple Mountain
A nifty Pyramid formation & The Happy Family.
I guess I missed the photo of Molly's Castle.
You can find it on my Facebook... :)

A peek at the great time we had in Goblin Valley.
Those formations may not look too high up - but
when you are perched on the top - it feels very high!

The last group of photos is just a compilation of happy faces - mostly.
(Jake had a very happy face on the entire trip!)
Molly can be so expressive! She was the best little traveler ever!
We are certainly blessed to live in one of the most beautiful states
in this wonderful nation of ours! GO UTAH!
Get out there and explore!

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Happy Easter everyone!
It's a wonderful time of year - so much hope
and beauty all around us.