Thursday, May 28, 2009

Talent and Time on Your Hands

Sorry to be repetitious as I did post this on Facebook, 
but I am just amazed at this.  
All done with still shots. 
So much work but what a beautiful work of art!!
(If you view it on You Tube it is clearer than on here.)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Big Brothers...

No names will be used to protect the innocent...but I need to share this funny little story.  I was waiting around in the foyer after church Sunday and I glanced down at this tiny little sleeping babe.  I had to do a double take because I had never seen bandages quite like what I just saw! On second examination his mom came over and explained that this is what his older brothers (ages 2 and 4) had done to him with their stickers during church.  We adore this little family with 3 boys!  It made me laugh as I reminisced about all the funny little things my own children had to survive as they came up through the ranks. Sometimes it was the younger ones torturing the older ones - like dunking big sister's favorite doll in the toilet for a swim or the older ones getting their kicks out of watching little sister shove more banana bread in her mouth than humanly possible.  Aren't kids just the greatest??? The way they think, the things they do and what they say is *priceless*.  

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

May Update

The weeks are slipping by and not much blogging has been going on.  May has been so beautiful this year!  The yard is gorgeous and we are planting flowers & seeds and getting the bees ready for what hopes to be another great honey year!  Mark is doing great.  We are anxiously awaiting the 3 month mark to see if the ablation was successful.  It sure was a happy day for him to get back on his bike this past week. We had a visit from Janell and treasured every minute of that!  Jake Graduated! He received his BA in Business Administration and Eonomics from Utah State.  We had a great Island Luau in his honor.  You can see a few pics on their blog. Way to go Jake!! Our grandson, Liam celebrated his 2nd birthday (see their blog) with such excitement and joy that you can feel it come through the computer screen when you view the videos on their web site! Oh how we miss that sweet family! Davis is enjoying school and doing very well. We need a trip to Portland - SOON! Camber is counting down the days for her trip to Paris & London and she and Em are thrilled that school will soon be out for the summer!!

I sure enjoyed my Mother's Day!  Emily made me French Toast for breakfast.  Camber made an amazing batch of French Onion Soup for dinner. It is one of my favorites!!  Jake & Lindsey joined us and for dessert we had this scrumptious rich, dark chocolate cake by baker extrodinaire, Emily.  I love my family more than words can express.  Being a mom is certainly a huge blessing in my life.  My children continue to teach me every day. 

These extrodinary children are a joy to journey through life with.  If time could have just frozen at this point!  But we all know that none of us would really want that forever - watching them grow and find their place in life is certainly something Mark & I treasure.  Thanks so much for making me such a very happy mommy!

To my mother Joan & Mark's mother Marie  
A very Happy Mother's Day to you both!  
Thank you for your continued nurturing and love and 
beautiful exmaples of womanhood.
We all love and adore you both!

The girls are doing great!!  We had two friends over to help Mark split a hive last week.  They are joining the ranks of apaiary service!  Dean & Ben were like pro's out there!  And how cool for Dean to spot the queen right off!  It's in his blood, this beekeeping.
The gear looks great on all of them!

Dean jumped right in there and went to work.  See the queen he found? The coolest thing about these Queens, is the singing noise they make.  It is hard to hear it, but once you have - its just amazing!  What facinating little creatures these bees are!

Below, you can see her on the edge of the frame.

Mark rides with a good friend, Brian - who is the strongest 12 year old
 he has ever met up with!

Janell lights up our life!  She needed to come down and see her Dad.  We loved the visit with her even though it was short.  If we were photoshop guru's we would have Dani in these photos!  We miss you Dani, and it isn't the same without you here.