Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Janell!!

'2o Something' years ago...when that title was probably a TV show...this sweet little miss joined our family. What a gift she has been to all of us. We hope you are having a spectacular day, Janell! We will be thinking of you and waiting anxiously to see another of your famed costumes.
Lots of LOVE from all of us.

Happy Halloween!

Friday night we had an awesome Halloween Party - wanting to get to know some of the new neighbors who have joined our sweet little neighborhood. Let's just say that a costume party is a GREAT way to really get to know each other! HA! We had some very good laughs! In due time I will be back to give a few details about some of the games we played - but Liam requested some costume you go, buddy. Hope everyone has a boooootiful night! See ya later - alligator!

Jessie & Woody at the Ward Hoe Down

Diana & Gayle...they aren't going to love these pics. but it was funny to see the faces they would pull and how hard they were laughing trying to figure out what they were tasting!
We played some great games. One was a potion tasting station where each guest sampled a little swig from 13 different containers (in little 2 oz cups) and had to guess what they were tasting. It was harder than you'd think and so funny to see what people thought they were drinking. After that we played *Whack*. Everyone sits in a big circle and chooses a Halloween name for themselves. The person in the center has a large whacking stick made from rolled up newspaper. When your name is called you have to stand and say another players name before you get whacked. The hardest part of the game is remembering when you are the guy in the center and have just whacked HAVE to say another players name before you sit down or you can get whacked back and be in the center again. Lots and lots of laughs!! The last activity of the night was skit time! We divided into 2 groups and each group had items on a tray they had to incorporate and into their skit. They all had to act in character of how they were dressed and had to come up with a Halloween twist with a mixed up fairy tale. They were great. I think our cheeks were sore from so much laughing. So nice to get to know some of our newer neighbors and enjoy the holiday together.

"Father Time & Mother Nature"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Autumn Wonderland

October 27, 2009. *SnOw* . Wow. It was a beautiful site with snow blanketing all the colors of our beautiful fall. It definitely begs the question: Are we ready for Winter? Someone in this house will answer with much enthusiasm to the affirmative. I think it's a blessing to live somewhere that we can enjoy the 4 seasons. These photos were taken on the road to our home. One looking up the the hill, the other looking down. Sometimes you just have to breathe it all in.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The wonder is that we can see these trees and not wonder more. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

So I didn't quite get the photo when she was at her peak ~ but this tree has to be the most spectacular tree in our neighborhood! It is gorgeous! Hasn't it been a glorious fall? I photographed a wedding day for a friend yesterday and it was one of those perfect days.

We live in such a sweet place. Walking through our neighborhood is delightful...

We have a busy little squirrel that lives in a tree at our house. He is stockpiling nuts for his winter stores. We caught him with a mouthful! We thought Liam would get a kick out of this very large nut he has. Double click to get a bigger view. He was in such a hurry, it was hard to get a good picture of him going about his business. Sheeesh - Do their squeekers EVER wear out??

Happy Fall Everyone!
Thinking about Halloween Costumes, yet?? I am!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We had no idea this little gem of a place existed not too far from home!
Check it out if you are ever downtown in SLC and need a little treat or something to warm up your tummy. Excellent service and the pastries are as gorgeous as they get! Lindsey and I dined there for lunch yesterday and brought a few home for the folks at home to sample!

250 South 300 East - and parking available right there!

Gardeners Market

One of the highlights of the summer/fall season in Cache Valley is our sweet little Gardeners Market. We don't get to go every week, but it is always a treat when can make it. Live music - breads & baked goods - freshly made cheeses to sample - and the produce! We are down to only 2 weeks remaining. Last Saturday was very chilly - but warm with friendly exchanges and beautiful eye candy!!

I couldn't resist these mittens. The cute girl that makes them sold out last week. You should have seen the little itty bitty ones she had for babies. They were all spoken for or I would have snagged up a couple of them.
Tried a new variety of apples . . . Sweet 16's. Yummy.

HAD to take home some fresh beets. When you have a shady yard . . .
this farmers market is such a blessing to our tummies!
And we had to try some of these nifty lookin cucumbers!

Halloween cheer and craftiness abounds.

Talented artisans sell their wares. (Emily is the proud owner of this little set) This cute girl shared with me her secrets in making these clay imprinted necklaces. That was sweet.
(She also sold yummy muffins!)

This bitty beanie will be worn by our new little granddaughter
coming to earth in just 3 more months!
Hope you are all enjoying autumn. It's glorious.

Baby Love

After a week of being cooped up in the basement - we had to get Emily out of the house for a fresh look at life. We headed down to the Hogle Zoo to enjoy a wonderful afternoon of this beautiful fall weather and to meet the baby animals! We weren't able to get a photo of the 3 baby tigers - they were well hidden in the trees. We did see them bob around and hear their playful growls. The baby snow leopard was snuggled in with his mom but the little giraffe and elephant were very friendly. How adorable they were! We have a slideshow especially for Liam and wished he could have been with us!

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