Sunday, March 8, 2015

St George

It's always so nice to have an escape from everyday life and get some new perspective and see new new vistas.  We welcomed a trip to St George this past weekend!  A little business tied in along with some much needed down for both of us.

We chose to stay at the  Green Gate Village Historic Inn.  
A charming little B&B. The artist Eric Dowdle painted this rendition of it:

We stayed in the Tolley Cabin, a small two room cabin moved from the Nephi area. 

 The above photo shows the home before it was moved and the family who lived there.  I read about this family and have had a hard time getting them and some of my own ancestors off my mind.  They had 13 children, 10 of whom survived to adulthood.  After the last child was born (if I remember correctly)  the mother had an insect bite that infected her leg such that she had to have it amputated from the knee down.  The boys would sleep out on the screened porch in the winter and in the summer they would find themselves sleeping under an apple tree.  As we relaxed in the our small little room I couldn't help but wonder how people survived back then.  I know my own grandfather lived in a similar sized home with a family about this size, too.  It's quite remarkable to me.  We are truly blessed today. 

We stayed in the far room of the home pictured above.  
I did lots of stitching and  Mark enjoyed some time on his bike.   
We love eating at Benja's for Thai.

I like poking around in some of the little shops ... and there is a real bookstore in St. George - Barnes and Noble!  We sound like we live deprived lives in our little valley!  Not so - but we love exploring!

It's always a treat to attend the St George Temple.  It was the first temple to be completed here in Utah.  One of our friends had recently done a replica of the original table the Celestial Room.  The base was kept, the table top redone.  Another good reason to make a visit.  It was exquisite.

That same friend has built a table that is a very close replica 
of the desk in the Oval Office in the White House.  

Yep, Mark was drooling over the gorgeous wood grain.

 I think he said the Oval Office original has leather around the outside - he chose to do marble.

 And instead of the Presidential Seal, he had the boat five of his 
ancestors came to America on, carved to put on the front.
(Me and my facts, don't quote me, it could have been five families...)

It was a treat to visit their home.  We really have a lot pretty remarkable people in our lives!
They have two special needs daughters and we attended the roadshow for the
special needs mutual one night.  Very, very touching.

The Inn Keeper told us that the little home we stayed in may be one of the most painted buildings 
in Utah.  I'll have to keep my eye out for it now.  This one was hanging in our room.

We enjoyed every breakfast served to us as well as the quiet grounds.
(Breakfast was served in the building with the lights on.)

Spring is certainly on its way!

This is the famed green gate for which the Inn is named after:

 What's the history behind our name "Green Gate" Village?  In 1877, Brigham Young ordered white paint for the newly finished LDS Temple. When the shipment finally arrived by wagon, everyone was disappointed to learn that the paint was green, not white.  Unable to return it, Bro. Brigham gave the green paint to local St. George residents to gild their gates and fences. Only one of those green gates still remains from a 137 years ago and is currently on display in our formal garden.  Other gates surrounding the Village are patterned after this treasured original.

It's back to real life again!

We felt lucky to have some time on the road together with no distractions. 

We live in such a gorgeous state xo