Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Breathing the Fresh Mountain Air!

The day was begging to be enjoyed in the mountains!!  

I think our family gives the biggest smiles 
when we are outside enjoying the beauty of this glorious planet!

After an ambushed attack of snowballs - we were off to enjoy Dry Canyon. 

Note to self...wear fingerless gloves when taking photos!

Hard to imagine that this is in our backyard.
We live in a glorious place.

100% Pure Joy!

A few other great memories were:  Belly Ball, Extreme Charades and Castle Risk!!
Just need to get out a jig saw puzzle now and I can check all the fun off my list :)

Holiday Instagram Favs

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

 A little cousin party and some time for ART!  

It has been a whole year year since these cute cousins have been together.  Little Layney was just a little one crawling last time she was here.  There isn't any question of what the love level is here!!

Fun, fun day!!!

This birthday means Christmas is almost here!

Lindsey's birthday has always been part of the holiday celebration.  We brought her home
on a snowy Christmas Eve in Moscow, Idaho.  December 23rd.

We have had a nearly record low snowfall for December.
Lindsey put an order in for a little snow and sledding party!  She got her wish ;)

 With school still in session, we basically had the hillside at Gibbon's Park all to ourselves.

A few crazy wipe outs

 A blue sky full of sunshine

 A strong daddy and uncle to get kids back up to the top

and lots of smiles and giggles.

Almost enough snow to make a snow angel

It was a great party, Aunt Lindsey!

After warm soup and bread we dove into sweet birthday treats 
and voted on our favs from two local favorite bakery's.  
The Blackberry Tarts from Sweetly Divine
 and Salted Caramel Chocolate cupcake from 
Temptations Cupcakes were at the top of the list!!

I think we lit the candles several times so all of Lindsey's "helpers" had a chance to help her!


Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Dinner:  Tradition for decades, Clam Chowder.  It is always the perfect comfort meal for our family.  The little ones ate earlier this year and then scampered off to discuss important things about this special night and what tomorrow may bring.

We enjoyed a quiet dinner together, despite the funny expression I caught on Janell :)
I  think every bite was savored.

Time for a few gifts to share on Christmas Eve.  I love these moments as much as the crazy excitement in the morning.  Miss Alayna let out the biggest girlie scream when she opened her special Frozen tree ornament.  So delightfully unexpected!

Elsie was tickled, too

Bauer, chill as can be 

This was our Christmas Eve Bunch this year.
Jake and Lindsey are starting traditions of their own in their home.

We are just thrilled to enjoy these young ones because it won't always be this way.  
They add such a sparkle to this holiday and special celebration.

Treats are all set out for the jolly old elf and his faithful reindeer.  

A White Christmas!

And in a blink Christmas morning comes and you want to hang on 
to every minute this day can give you!  

We ended the day with a prime rib dinner that may have been the best one yet!

So many things to be grateful for.  
Mostly for the gift of the Christ Child so many many years ago.
The memories of our time together this Christmas will be tucked away in our hearts.

Merry Christmas!