Monday, December 29, 2008

What a month!

We were blessed with a houseful of family this month.  We have taken a kazillion photos and eaten more than we should have, played tons of games,  loved every inch of Liam and laughed a lot!  Sadly, things have really quieted down as we have said our good-byes.  Hopefully we have made sufficient memories to tide us over until we all meet again.  We have posted our share of "posts" this month and hope you will enjoy skimming through some of the fun days we shared together.  Hope you will stick around long enough to enjoy some of our favorite music on the playlist.  One night that we didn't have our camera, was dinner at Wingers.  The cook accidentally put FIRE sauce on our large order of wings and chicken strips - what a mouthful we all got!  Pour Mark had a horrible reaction to the sauce and his tongue swelled up like a blowfish!! They kindly remade our order and we went home with plenty-o-wings that night.  Good Times.  Hot Bellies.


Brady wrote a Pirate Murder Mystery for us and we 
all did our best to get into our character.  
What a laugh!  
The characters were awesome and so were 
the accents, many from around the globe.  
Who do you think looks like the suspicious murderer??????


Flinders Family Christmas Party

December 26th ~
The Jacklin Family hosted the annual 
Flinders Christmas Gathering 
this year and as usual,
we had great food, great company amd a great time!

Alyssa won the Candy Jar, guessing the closest without going over. 
Way to go Alyssa! Enjoy those Swedish Berries!
If you were good and ate all your dinner, you were treated to 
a scrumptous Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae.

Cael & Liam 
Are we second cousins twice removed?
Let's just say, buddies.

Shelley organized the giant bingo game...
with family  autographs on the cards....
Most of us used the m&m's for markers - some of them were just eaten.
Jug calls out to his adoring "peeps"

Grandpa gets a game going
Cousins are great - mixed ages, similar heights.
Emily, Kaycee, Revecca, Nicole, Camber & Audrie
Girls Rock!

*We have some great BOY cousins, too - we just didn't take many photos today*

Wonderful Grandparents....
and Great Grandparents!  

Christmas Eve

One Christmas Eve tradition  which goes way back to the late 60's - is Mark doing a head stand for everyone.  It just happens.  This year he decided to enlist the help of 2 of his daughters.  I got the photos switched around, but it was a funny attempt.   
 I think he does better on his own. :)

We look tired, but we are very happy!

We let Liam help us act out the Nativity Story with a special
 Nativity set that a sweet family in our 
ward gave us for the 12 Days of Christmas.

Fun on the Slopes at The Canyons

Camber looks at home in the snow! 
 Miss Sassafrass on the slopes.

Emily - Tearin' it up!

One happy bunch

Nothin' like Utah Powder

This line just doesn't move fast enough - hmmmm - time to check out the hot guys.

Treat Time in the Lodge...Power up!

The ice man cometh
Jacob Jeramiah Johnson

Thinking back on my modeling for Ed days

Waiting to board the first lift up...even though this
 is the last photo of our story.
Good Bye.  
See you at Beaver!!

A Few Christmas Memories

Is there anything more fun than playing with
 our adorable little grandson?

Liam takes after his mother in her marathon abilities. 
 He could run for 15 minutes straight
...actually, around and around and around!!!

Ben and Janell built Mr. Snowbot

Liam got help building his first snowman!
Oh...We LOVE snowmen and 
We LOVE Liam.

Sushi, Gyoza & Homemade Eggrolls - we love food at our house!

Ward Christmas Party

Many shoes at the front door means many fun people at our house.  
It means chaotic meals and fun and games. 
 It means laughter, mirth, (said, Papa Smurf - whatever "mirth" means)
 and mistletoe.

The newest food network stars
 serving up a Prime Rib dinner. 

Liam's smiling-for-the-camera-smile.

And another great Liam cheeser shot.
(Double click this one)