Monday, April 30, 2012

Some Catching Up

April was a whirlwind of family activity.  A sweet Easter Sunday remembering our Savior.  An nontraditional but very tasty Roast Beef Dinner :) We celebrated some special birthdays and got to have all of our grandchildren together for 5 days! What a treat. Mark's mom turned 75 and so we gathered as many local family members as we could to celebrate with her in Salt Lake.  It was a sweet occasion and we sure love her.  We celebrated Davis' 22nd birthday with hot fudge brownie sundaes.  We love our boy.  Janell made a surprise visit down for a long weekend and got to meet her youngest nephew, Owen James and teach Emily how to play to Ukelele.  We enjoyed her visit so very, very much. Just a day after she had to leave we met Brady and Danielle at the SLC airport to pick up Liam and Elsie while they flew on to San Diego for a convention and much needed anniversary trip together. It was so great to hug and kiss all of our children and grand kiddos. Our family means everything to us.

Happy Birthday Grandma Marie!  
You are such a grand lady xo

Hoping for a bright year for you, Davis.  Wishing you much success and strength in California.
You are doing hard things and we are proud of you. Much, much love! 

 We had sooo much FUN with you, Aunt Janell!
 It's a little crazy how quickly Emily picked up the Uke!  
It's the sweetest thing to hear her strum and sing :)
Janell's visit was not near long enough for any of us!

quick reunion at the security gate 
tight hugs, kisses and see you soon!

 In the ups and downs in this crazy journey of life, 
we have learned that parenting and grand parenting 
is not for the faint of heart or sissies!  
We also know that we never have to look far 
to see the abundance of blessings we have.

Loved this comment from Liam that his parents sent us!
Liam's update of his trip there: "Mom, Nana took great care of us. She's a great, great babysitter, and she knows everything about kids. Papa knows lots about kids too, but the big thing is he knows most about helping people, like right before they die, or sick, or babies. Or using that radio TV thing in his office to tell when somebody has a big tummy, if there's a baby inside. And if there's a head and some legs and a body, then it's a baby. But if not, then they've just been eating too much junk. But sometimes, you've just got to tell people the truth."


Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Is Here...Mostly

We spent Spring Break enjoying things we love to do:  

 Eating at our favorite places! Dinner at the Red Iguana in Salt Lake.
 Molly approves of the delicious fare!

 Playing in Salt Lake - We spent two nights at the Plaza Inn and 
explored the new City Center  a little bit more.

 If Emily is is shopping!

 Cuddling baby Owen.

 Enjoying Rodizio's together and listening to Emily's Brazilian stories.
 A little time on the green

 A Brazilian concert

Lunch at a new local hot spot! 
Herm's Inn.  Put this one on your list, folks!  They
are open for breakfast and lunch.  They did a beautiful
job with the remodel!  What a great vision! 
It made us happy to be there :)

 Easter Dinner
 Celebrating 75 beautiful years with Mark's Mom! We sure love this grand lady!

Getting ready for an open house next weekend for Black Sheep Woolens! More info on my business blog.  Hope you are enjoying whatever Spring Weather you are having!  Cache Valley is beginning to burst with green and sweet flowers everywhere!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

* Loving Our Spring Break *

We are enjoying Spring Break and looking forward to Easter :)
This is fun to watch...check out the making of as well -   WOW what a process!