Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Post Hurricane Ana - And Healing

Glad that crazy storm is getting behind us!  What a wild weekend.  I don't know why the crazy heat and high humidity surprised me, but it did! The ocean was angry and the winds were fierce.  Mostly in the night-time hours.  They advised everyone to stay off the roads if at all possible so we enjoyed a quiet Sunday at the hotel.  Neither of us can remember a day when we did so much nothingness!  Reading, quiet stitching, listening to talks and beautiful music.  It was pretty sweet.

This morning after a restless night of sleep and waking far too early for vacation standards, we witnessed a pretty spectacular sunrise.

Today is Monday, the 20th of October.  
A very hard day for our family, and many of Davis' close friends.  
We mark the one year anniversary of losing our Davis.

As difficult as this year has been for all of us, we really feel blessed, loved and cared for.
Countless acts of love and kindness have been done and encouraging words spoken by so many.

We know we can't thank you enough for this strength
but it is our hope to pass this love on to others 
as we travel our individual paths towards healing 
and living life to the best of our abilities.  

(Saturday evening at sunset)

There have been many days that have certainly felt like a hurricane.  
The pounding of the surf and the constant churning of our sadness and grief.  

(This morning opposite direction of the sunrise)

But we have also felt the strength and the hope in the light and beauty around us.  
Thankful every day for new beginning 
and the hope that we have 
knowing that we will be with him again one day 
and will have so much to share and catch up on. 

We have learned to live with more purpose and love.  
We continue to feel his presence in sweet ways.  
We are thankful for the days and memories we have had with him 
and pray for his well being, progress and peace for him and us. 

And I will wish every day for a glimpse of him - just to see how he is doing and who he is with.  
I know that is not a likely event and am coming to the understanding that this glimpse of him and his love will be found all around me as I remember his heart of gold and quiet ambitions and dreams. 
His talents of music, athletic ability and love for nature.
His need to always be on the lookout for those who needed a leg up.
His strong hands and quick mind.
And that laugh of his and the twinkle in his eye.

I love you, Davis.  
Thank you for what you have taught and continue to teach me.

Now a little bit more about our trip to Kauai....

We stayed at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa
It is one of the biggest perks with Mark's job - Beautiful lodging at these conferences.

And the food in the restaurant downstairs...
This may be one of my most favorite meals I have ever partaken of.
Grilled Cheese & Lobster Sandwich with Portuguese Soup 
Yes, the birds come and go here.  It's quite entertaining!

Mark tried the Sliders and they were pretty tasty!
Sliders: Liliko BBQ Beef, Pork with Hansa Aioli, Crab Cakes with Spicy Asian Slaw

We met a guy who runs an art gallery we stopped in to visit and he told us all about the hurricane and showed us this fascinating website  It's really neat to play on. 

Red flag warning - no swimming for us today.

The angry sea... Hurricane Ana is suppose to brush by just after midnight (October 19th)

Today is our Davis Day.  
This is the incredible sunrise we woke up to.

Our children are wonderful!  Wishing we could have them all with us today.
They had these gorgeous flowers delivered to our room with the sweetest note.
We are very blessed.

Weatherman Mark is going to be delighted when he gets out of class!!

Oh, but let's just talk about ALL of the chickens on this little Island!!  
They are everywhere!!
This mother hen was giving her little clucks a flying lesson this morning.

I love them!!

Out and about on October 23rd.  
The sun is out and we are going to squeeze every ounce out of this day!

We kinda can't believe we are here!! 
And we have some sun!!!
....and we look so touristy 8-) ugh!

 The views are breathtaking ... people live here!

Lunch at this pretty little place on the beach.  
We had lunch at the Mediterranean Gourmet and it was a beautiful view of the ocean.  

We had catch of the day and lettuce wraps.

We did a little beach coming after and thought how much 
Davis would love to be exploring on this  beautiful island

We were in awe at the views of Waimea Canyon.

It was glorious...everywhere we looked!

Kalalau Lookout

  Pictures cant really capture the beauty, but everyone seems to try anyway!  

We stopped at a local market and picked up lunch to go.  
A bento box, squid salad, a fresh mango and those yummy nuts! 
Best little picnic ever!

That giant waterfall above is dwarfed by the vast canyon.

Next stop was Hanalie Bay...but a farmer's market caught our eye!

Of course someone would be selling chicken paintings!

This charming little church is in Hanalie.  I have included the info about it from its website.

The Wai`oli Mission was established by American Christian Missionaries in 1834.  A pole and thatch meetinghouse was constructed by Hawaiians on the Mission Hall site, in anticipation of the arrival of the missionaries.  Following the destruction of two earlier buildings by fire and wind, the congregation completed the timber frame and plaster building in 1841.  The lime for the plaster was made from coral which was dug at low tide.  The Mission Bell was acquired in 1843, and placed in the belfry behind the Mission Hall.  The Mission Hall is the oldest surviving church building on the island of Kaua`i.
William and Mary Alexander, the first missionaries to Hanalei, arrived by double canoe from the Waimea Mission.  During their nine years here, Mr. Alexander, assisted by George Rowell and Edward Johnson, carried the Gospel to persons along the Northern coastline of Kaua`i.  Two years were spent building the Mission House, which was completed in 1837.  Mr. Alexander “laid up the chimney” with his own hands, and it stands to this day.
Deborah Kapule, the dowager Queen of Kaua`i and earnest convert, assisted in establishing the Mission.  Governor Kaikioewa of Kaua`i provided the land, and encouraged the Mission in many ways.
The Mission School was started so that children and adults could read the Bible, which the missionaries translated into Hawaiian.  Abner and Lucy Wilcox arrived in 1846 to spend over 20 years as educational missionaries, developing this school, which was a pioneer in vocational training as well.  The Wai`oli Mission School was well attended, and trained teachers to go throughout Kaua`i and Ni`ihau.  This is now the Hanalei Public School.
In 1912 the present Wai`oli Church building was given by three sons of Abner Wilcox; Sam, George, and Albert.  This shingled church, built in the American Gothic architectural style, has a belfry tower which houses the old Mission Bell.  This bell was rung throughout the years, calling people to worship.  In 1921 the Wilcox descendants restored the Mission House and the Mission Hall.
The Wai`oli Church grew under the guidance of the Hawaiian ministers.  By 1945 the Wanini Church and the Ha`ena Church had joined the Wai`oli Church to form the Wai`oli Hui`ia Church.
Having survived two previous hurricanes, Hurricane Dot and Hurricane Iwa, both the Wai`oli Hui`ia Church Sanctuary and the Wai`oli Mission Hall were restored after sustaining significant damage from Hurricane Iniki in 1992.  Both buildings are listed on the state and national registers of historic places.
The Wai`oli Church Choir is well known for its skill in singing for its repertoire of early Hawaiian hymns which are sung each Sunday at the 10:00 AM service.
The Wai`oli Hui`ia Church has had a continuous record of service since 1834, first as a Congregational Church, and since 1957, as a United Church of Christ.
The Wai`oli Hui`ia United Church of Christ extends a cordial welcome to all to worship with them on Sunday mornings, and at special services throughout the year.  Residing in the Legacy of the past, by God’s grace, Wai`oli Hui`ia Church stands ready to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and is dedicated unto the glory of God.

Maybe one day we can attend a service there...if we are ever lucky enough to come back here!

And finally we make it to the bay to enjoy the sunset.

The perfect ending to a day we will never forget.  
Dinner on the front porch of Postcards Cafe.

Watching the sunrise from our little Lanai 

We ventured off with the Mike and Liz who are here as well.
( I have a pic of them at dinner I am still hunting for!)

Just another waterfall!!

Guys waeving hats and baskets...I made a donation :)

More Chickens!
They are everywhere!

We loved the Spouting Horn Beach.  The lava tubes make dragon like sounds and 
spout giant spurts of water out.  Pretty cool to see and hear.

 I have forgotten the name of this beach...but I would love to 

bring my grandchildren here...they would love it!  
It was shallow for yards and yards out.

 Mark is happy with a book while I played around with the camera.

And this is the end of a pretty sweet trip.
The storm was really a blessing in disguise as it 
made us slow down and breath.

We feel blessed to have had this beautiful trip together