Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Those Moments We Share

Those priceless, sweet moments we have with our loved ones are so precious.  

We are all coming to grips with the realization that our lives have forever changed.  We are learning to live in a place we never believed we would find ourselves.  The difficult trials we all face at various times in our lives are certainly situations that can push us in directions we don't want to go, force us to stop everything and evaluate where we are, who we are and what we are suppose to be doing with our individual lives.  We are grateful the calming peace is felt more than the waves of heartache. We have all been overwhelmed with the love and tender care we have felt from so many.  Love is what it is all about.  We have felt love in ways we haven't known before.  There are countless stories we could all share about the comforting acts of kindness that have been shared and given freely to each of us over the past month. We will be forever grateful for each and every one of these gifts, no matter how small.

We are all back to the routines of life that tow us through our days.  I think we all feel behind on what needs to be done - but we are learning a lot of "stuff" doesn't really matter.  We each get to choose how we spend our time and what we focus our efforts on.  Davis was always so laid back and calm.  He didn't get too stressed about the circle of life.  I love having this blog to document the happenings of our family.

The last week in September, Mark had a conference in San Diego.  We tried to get as many of us together as we possibly could.  Because of work and other obligations...and distance of our family's locations from each other - we weren't able to have all of us together.  BUT we did savor the moments with those who could gather and as always, looked forward to the next time we could ALL be together.

Janell drove down from Portland and picked up Davis in LA.  I drove with Jake and Lindsey's family and the seven of us had a wonderful rendezvous at Disneyland!  It was a magical time for all of us that will be forever treasured.

 (I'll finish the post on our Cali trip that I started weeks ago...one of these days :)

Mark and Emily flew to San Diego Monday evening.  We had taken Davis to the train station Tuesday night only to find out there were no more trains until almost midnight.  He made a spur of the moment decision to come with us to San Diego and catch a train the next day home.  Once he made sure that his shift and work was covered, we were off.  Lucky us to have one more night with him!  Lucky that Emily and Mark could get one more hug from him!! 

Janell made arrangements to meet Davis for breakfast on her drive home.  I will always treasure this photo of them.  It's the last one we'll have of him.  If you know our family, you know we are foodies.  We, and especially me take our share of food photos!  In this photo, Davis had just said, "Smile and hold your plate up for Mom!"

She was lucky enough to get a little tour of the tea house Davis had been working at since early January.  We knew from his employer that he was an impressive worker and very dependable.  Starting out busing tables - it wasn't long before he would become a tea expert and be able to gracefully give Tea Tastings, an hour and a half long lecture you could say - teaching the group all they could ever want to know about the 300 + teas they carried.  We had a taste of his knowledge when he was home this past August.  Who would have known there is so much to learn about "tea".

 A little ditty that Janell put together.  
I think there were days at work when he felt like he had to move this fast :)

Our family looks forward to the day when we can go have lunch at Chaido Tea Room in Pasadena.
And even more forward to the day when we will all be together again.


In the meanwhile we will continue to heal and learn from each other.  We will take comfort in the amazing atonement of our Savior.  We will keep Davis' song and memory alive as
we enjoy nature and remember to love all mankind,  just like he did.

I don't know a lot.  But what I do know is - that as unique and quirky as each member 
of our family is,  we all share the one thing most important of all ... 
for each other
And that's what this life is all about.