Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cozy February

This month has been a snowy one and I have loved it this year!  So very beautiful. We are so blessed to have an amazing neighbor who does the lions share of keeping our driveway cleared.  We love Brian!

Kimberly came out from Massachusetts for a visit that happened to fall on her birthday!
She is a lot of fun and we love her visits!

Our cute niece, Sharah married her love, Andrew.  They have a pretty sweet story.  It was a beautiful evening and we were so happy to share it with them!  Wishing them all the best in their journey!

As I said earlier, I am really enjoying this winter!  One gorgeous snow storm after another.

My very gifted, photographer friend Jessica, squeezed in a photo shoot to celebrate the marriage of these two!!  It was so fun to watch her in action.  Can't wait to see what she did.  Our days are numbered with J and B.  They will be leaving for Great Britain before we know it! Bittersweet - but we are so excited for them.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Currant Fish and Oyster

We call this Camber's restaurant and love to have a meal here!  

Grandpa and Grandma had never been before so Camber invited those 
of us who could get away to come for lunch. 

 These stuffed oysters were a special treat from the kitchen

Next time I am ordering the Grilled Tuna Sandwich... it was amazing!
(So is everything, really!)

 It was fun to share a meal with her and not just watch her work!  

Current Fish and Oyster!  We highly recommend it!

Hurray for family lunch dates!! And many thanks to you, Camber!