Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Picnic

I think we all enjoyed Davis' birthday falling on Easter weekend this year.  There is such a sweet comfort in the knowledge we have in the resurrection and the amazing gift our Savior has has given us.
Saturday afternoon we had a little Easter Egg Hunt with Molly and Owen.  The sparkle in their eyes is so fun to see.  What cute ages they are!

On Easter Sunday, we enjoyed a sweet afternoon in church.  Emily wanted to have some quiet time and decided to take a drive up the canyon.  That left the two of us soon to be empty nesters home alone.
I hadn't planned a big Easter meal, so we decided to take an impromptu picnic.  Sometimes those last minute ideas are just the best!  We drove over near Cutler Dam to see if we could spot any birds.  It was so nice to just drive and enjoy the beauty of this little valley of ours.

We might be looking forward to this empty nest thing!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Celebrating Davis

April 19,  2014
He would be 24 today and we are all missing him more than words can express.
We spent the day doing random acts of kindness, because he had a heart
of gold and was always looking out for those around him.

 Launching balloons towards heaven...Molly and Owen send one from Layney, Elsie and Liam :)

 We hear the sod should be down by Memorial Day.

 The rest our our family will be celebrating Davis in their own ways, but we will be united in spirit.

Mark carved his signature in a piece of sand stone.  We enlarged this from his drivers license.  He really only signed his first name!  One of the things so endearing about him.

 Cheez-its were always go-to snack for our boy.  
We loaded up the kids with goodies to share with the skaters.
I printed up these nifty Random Acts of Kindness cards to share.

I found them here
{just scroll to the bottom of her post for her link}

 This new friend was just passing through town.  Wish we could have taken more time to hear his story.  He was grateful for a little cash and a Davis Dreamsicle Jiggy Stick!

 Donuts for Davis!
Of course this was on the top of our list!!  We ordered a couple dozen from the new
 Johnny O's Spudnut Shop and had fun putting smiles on so many faces at the skate park.

 Molly did her part by sharing lots of her beautiful art in our secret envelopes.

 Molly is coaxing a little one to accept an envelope filled with love 
and a little surprise.

 Quietly slipping envelopes with our card and $$ into carts.

 Sharing flowers and a song by Molly to a stranger who needed some love.

  We love it when his friends stop to share hugs with us!

A few instagrams with our new favorite hashtag:
We are so happy so many played along with us today.
Thank you!!

 We had many sweet cards, flowers and kind surprises dropped by our home today.  
We are still overwhelmed at the love and goodness we are surrounded with.

 A really big thank you to D & L at Jiggy Stick Headquarters for a huge bowl of these awesome
Davis Dreamsicle Jiggy Sticks!!  They are some of the most giving people on the planet!  It was so much fun to share these with friends and family.

We worked our way through another first.  A pretty big one, too.  Wonder what birthdays are like in heaven.  We hope he had the chance to look down and see how much we all love him and will try every day of our lives to keep his memory and that heart of gold of his foremost in our actions.

We love you more than words, Davis.