Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our L O N G Christmas Post

All gathered in for a wonderful Christmas holiday.  It was perfect amid the illness, late nights, elbows, hugs, games, too much food, laughter and tears.  We treasure these rare times that we can all be together.  A gift for each of us to tide us over until we meet again. 
 Oh the joys of taking the family photo!  And the uncertainty of a timer. 
Who needs perfection anyway?!

A few highlights of our Christmas gathering:

A small sampling of the dozens of beautiful spoons Mark hand carved this year.  He chose someone to carve one for and spent the time thinking of that person.  One of the sweetest gifts to give.  We loved the logo he came up with. 

Little girls in P I N K can't get enough of them!


Spent a night in Salt Lake

Oh Christmas Tree...full of memories

A Birthday to Celebrate!

 We love you, Lindsey!
Ice Cream for the kiddos and German Chocolate Trifle for the adults.
Wishing you a year of joy!

New Tradition!
Hot Cocoa and Donuts in Mendon

Davis loved his donuts.  He thought it would be cool to own a bakery one day. 
Grandma Doris always spoiled him and us with a box full of donuts nearly every time they came over for a visit.  Davis was in heaven.  And now that he is in heaven and we feel the need to include him and all the wonderful memories we have shared with him - this new tradition was born.  We lit luminaries and huddled together stay warm, sipping on hot cocoa and remembering our boy.

Snow angels, praying mantis and a beautiful sunset.  Grandpa was the lucky one to drink from Davis' mug.  Each year Mark will carefully choose someone to use it.

Christmas Eve Dinner, Clam Chowder. 

Papa read from the bible, the Christmas Story.  The children opened new PJ's and gifts from Papa and Nana.  Lindsey and Molly made the cutest capes for the kids! They set out cookies and milk for Santa along with carrots for the reindeer and scooted off to bed.  

This year we had a white elephant game to exchange gifts among the siblings.  We gave each of the girls a locket with a photo of Davis inside and a curly lock.  And the girls surprised mom with one as well!

Mark made a beautiful spoon for each of them (Janell got a pie server). We gave them each an art journal kit and a book on grief.  We copied some drawings from his sketchbook and included photos and journal prompts.  We hear that writing down feelings is a helpful way to heal.

We did our best to fill each day with memories. 
 Having everyone together under one roof is such a treat. 

Dinner at the Shire

Danielle is brimming over with creative dinner party ideas!  Several years ago, she and Brady hosted an awesome  Mystery Murder Dinner Party were we were all given pirate characters to play through the evening.

This year we thoroughly enjoyed her Hobbit Dinner.  We had a few feeling a little under the weather so the trip to the movie following dinner was postponed, but what a fun night we enjoyed together!

The table was set and Brady drew name place cards for everyone.  (The poor guy had pnemonia)

 The menu inclluded Prime Rib,  Green Salad, Roasted Root Vegetables, Fresh Bread
and a choice of Apple Crisp or Apple Cake with Caramel Sauce for dessert.

 Everyone had a great time!
Cheers to Davis to who was a perfect Frodo years ago for Halloween!

If you made it to the end, you're a trooper!
Happy New Year!!
Here's to 2014 and table always surrounded with dear friends,
family, great food and wonderful conversation !

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Em's DC Trip

Emily had the good fortune of traveling back to Washington DC with the Close Up Program.  It was a week filled with history and remembering where our country started.  She roomed with Anda and two girls from New Orleans.  Here are few photos I found in her folder.
 Capital Tour...Arlington...Holocaust Museum...Ice Skating...Meeting Utah Senators...
 Mount Vernon...All the memorials...A Christmas Carol at Ford's Theater...good times!


 An added bonus was meeting up with our DC family!!