Monday, February 28, 2011

Turning Another Page on the Calender

 February came and left in a hurry!  We have enjoyed this beautiful month of winter.  Our new room is
getting closer to completion as each week passes by.  We are hopeful to be doing some painting by mid March.  We have figured out a way to get our red floor for only pennies!  It is a little bit unconventional but we think it will have a beautiful end result! I will post some photos when blogger gives me the go ahead.  It seems as though we have used up all of our available free space for photos.  We like to document!
***Enjoy your beautiful last day of the month ***

 Sunday pie and brown sugar cinnamon ice cream

So here's the 411 about photo space.  It seems we all get 1 GB of free photo space with
google which includes blogger, google docs and picassa.  Once that is used you
may purchase more.  No worries...I only had to pay $5 for I believe it was 20 GB
of storage space for one year.  Meanwhile I will be on the fast track to figure out
the best way to begin printing our past years blogs in book form.  I am looking into Blurb.

The photos below are from our little photo bug Camber.  She took them on Valentines day and 
I thought they beautifully captured winter in such a colorful, interesting way.
PS to our offpsring in the tropical DC area...didn't want you to forget what
winter looks like!   xoxoxoxo
Pass those hugs and kisses on to our adorable grandies!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Block Printing...Chanting Optional :)

This little film was made by very talented photographers.  The craftsmanship in the art 
they are filming is absolutley remarkable. Hope you enjoy it.

Mark has a lot to look forward to! Creating is wonderful.
His first lino carving and print.
Apes Rex (King Bee)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Papa and Nana

Tonight we heard Molly call us both by our "names"... Papa and Nana.  
That can just about melt your heart right into a little puddle. 
We so love our adorable little grandchildren!!  xxxooo

She loves playing "chase" and will jump into the "safe" person's arms and then squeal, turn and point
her little finger at you as if to say, " YOU didn't get me...I was too fast!"

....we miss our Liam & Elsie sooooo much!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Roof is ON!

And just in the nick of time! The crew finished up about 4:00 this afternoon and this evening we have a good foot of snow out there and it is still coming down!  We were certainly blessed with the perfect window of three spectacular days for the project.  It is still remarkable that this crew could take down the the roof and room over the garage and rebuild it in just three days.  They have some touch up framing spots inside and the smaller roof on the west end...but THANK YOU BUILDERS!! It is wonderful!
 Standing up the wall of windows.

 Tuesday.  Taking out the last piece of the roof with the crane...making sure it didn't take down the wall.  It was quite the day watching that crane work.  It was like fishing in the trees!  There were several minutes when it took my breath away...the dangling rafters would get swinging and you wondered what it would bang into.  It really was a massive crane.  I will put more photos on The Project 2010 post (side bar).

 Here she is...all framed in and tar papered on top.  Perfect timing, Brian!!  

 The crew!  These guys were wonderful...everything went just like clock work.  It was so much fun to watch it all develop.  We are still getting adjusted to the "largeness" of the addition but it will blend in better once the roof line is added between the garage doors and windows and the siding and shingles are on. The feel of the room is will be a dream to be in.

Thanks guys!  YOU ROCK!!
( I know most of their names...but I need to get them in the proper order)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day (and a mystery!)

Last night I was up in the room over the garage taking a few before photos - the last ones ever of that
sweet little room that has served us well.  It was the home to the original owners of this house.  They lived above the garage as they were building the rest of the house. It has been the room to two teenage girls - who were no kidding just like the odd couple!  Lindsey drew a line down the middle of the room with tape one day to seperate her clean side form Janell's messy side! Funny!  Then it housed the brothers of the family and welcomed a "borrowed from Jani" drum set and all things boy.  Next it became a studio living space for Janell complete with a fridge and little hot plate. After Janell moved out, I had outgrown my sewing room in the guest bedroom or the backroom as it is lovingly refered to.  I said goodbye to Mark's fly tying desk and hauled all my shelves full of wool and sewing table upstairs. This brings us to the present.  The wool needs more room and our family is excited to enjoy a nice big room to gather and be together in.  I am pretty lucky to be getting an awesome studio with lots of space to work and teach and create.

Below you will see three keys.

The mystery question is .... Why were they hidden in the light fixture?
That's right!  We have mystery on our hands.  I was helping Mark remove the big fan light last night and when we pulled it down, these three keys fell to the floor.  
It just makes us wonder ... why were they hidden there and what do they go to ???

I am off to watch the builder boys and make a Valentines Day Dinner.

Those boys are back to work and within a couple of short hours they have the floor
down and a wall up! It is like magic watching it all come to be.
I do like these tool belts they all wear.  
These guys can build a house quicker than I can make a quilt. 
It's crazy!

Come on up the stairs and into our new room!
Wish we could have glass ceilings but it might get pretty toasty in the summer months.

Emily looks like she is standing in a doll house.
It was pretty sweet the way everything went so smoothly today.
This isn't something any of these guys have really attempted before 
and we all enjoyed the show.  The crane was awesome to watch and I have
posted a few more photos on the sidebar.

 A peek out the new window on the north side.  That's the new Ag Building on campus.
Brian told me tonight that they should have the roof on tomorrow and everything enclosed - including the windows all installed by Wed.  They are trying to beat the storm coming in later Wed afternoon.  
We can hardly believe the roof can come off and be rebuilt in just 3 days!
It was a beautiful day!

Oh...and for dinner tonight we enjoyed Ribs, Sweet Mashed Potatoes, Salad and 
Garlic Cheese Rolls.  Dessert includes fresh berries and ice cream goodness.
Happy Valentines Day!

The Builder Boys are HERE!

And they have made one royal mess!  Bright and early I looked out the kitchen window and saw that the crew had arrived. They are nice guys...strong and hard workin! We have prayed for their safety this day and throughout the project.  

Below you can see the builder boys' tool belts.  
How awesome is that 'dead on' hammer?! 
They left them and headed to lunch.

 This is the mess they left behind and promised to come back and finish.  It was really neat to watch the big crane pull off the roof piece by piece.  I will post more photos on "The Project" (sidebar) later on tonight.  Mark stopped in at lunch to see how things were going. The new floor should be on by the end of the day and hopefully some of this mess will be cleaned up. 

Staye tuned......
(I am standing where my wool cubbies shelf used to hang.)

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Why do we have so much stuff?? 
It's amazing how it accumulates. We have been sifting through some of our STUFF as we prepare for the next big step in our remodel.  If you click on Project 2010 on our sidebar, I have updated a few photos.  It will be a wonderful thing if we can pare down and eliminate some of our belongings.  It's very interesting to me how little you really need to be happy.  For instance when you don't take too much with you and life goes along quite simply and uncomplicated.  If you only had one pencil  or pen to write with, you would certainly keep good track of it.  We do live in a world of excess and much stuff!  Just think about the aisles of cold cereal in the supermarket. So many choices.
I like simple. For a little zen click here. I found it quite interesting.  It's nice to evaluate and make changes to simplify your life and make time for things that really matter.  I have wasted my fair share of time hunting for lost items!
Hoping for a sorting and organizing kind of month!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Month of Love

Hello February!  We took January out with a bang.  I was a vendor at Winterfest - a quilting retreat at Daniels Summit in Heber Valley.  What a beautiful place...any time of year! The timing was the same weekend Mark and the kids had planned their ski trip get-away so we all stayed at Grandma & Grandpa's time share in  Midway.  I had success selling my wool and learning the ropes of the industry.  
 Lindsey an Molly spent two of the days up there with me.  As you can see the light in Miss Molly's eyes - she had a blast and all the ladies loved her! My sister Shelley came up for a day and that was great to catch up on her life!  We need to be neighbors!  I also had a fun little surprise visit from my parents.  Sure love my family.

(photos pulled off her mom's flip video camera so they aren't clear - but clear enough to see she loves toting around a purse!)
 Mark and the three kids had the best time on the slopes! 
Dave came down to join them as well.  
He is always a blast to be with.
It was the perfect springlike weather for two 
wonderful days on skis!
Talk about timing...tonight is expected to drop to 10 below.
 Uncle Jason celebrated his birthday on the 29th.  
It truly was one of those perfect days you dream about!
Just look at that blue ski and a happy birthday boy!

 Davis & Em above.
Camber below - she loves those reflective shots.

Great memories for all of us to tuck away.  
Hope this month brings many more...