Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Photo Shoot Special (And A Contest :)

 Hands down...the best part of my business would be meeting the most amazing, talented and fun people! We all have a story and what a gift it is to meet new friends and learn about theirs!  A new friend, named Stephanie, came over a few weeks ago looking for wool and asked if we ever let people do a photo shoots in our studio.  I told her no one had ever asked but that she was welcome to come on over.  She has a special right now... Check out her blog here!  She is amazing and so sweet to work with.  I hear nothing but nice nice things about her work ;)

Monday, March 26, 2012

March is Marching On...

Molly's Collage...she did pretty good with the camera!
We borrowed Molly for a sleepover earlier this 
month and we had a great time!

 Learning to make pie is very serious business!

 Oatmeal Coconut and Blueberry

The Leprechauns find our milk every year!

Camber headed to Portland for her Spring Break

Emily joined the High School Golf Team...a first for our family!
Go Em!

 Dreaming of these two...they are coming for a little visit in a few more weeks!!

My heart melts with sweet picture texts like this:
"Nana, how do you like my ladybug nails?"

Mark has been loving time out on the road with his bike...Davis is doing some temp
work while he looks for a new permanent job...I have been working long hours in
the studio dying wool, designing...doing a little sewing...we are starting to wake
up the yard and are really happy Spring has fickle as she is in Cache Valley. 

We hosted a YW's Brazil Night so Emily could share food and photos
from her experience.  The girls were all so cute and the food was fun to prepare!
We didn't pick up the camera to take any photos except these two - 
We are so proud of her!

On the 24th Emily and I went down to check out the new
City Center.  Oh the people and crowds!!  It was more crowded
that any visit to Disneyland. Crazy! But what a beautiful place.
We look forward to going back when the newness wears off :)

The flower ladies that were here and there were beautiful to watch.
The YW's Conference was really sweet that night...and Em wouldn't
let me take a picture of the two us. Sigh. Could someone please talk to her?

So happy spring, everyone!
And let's all do as the sign says...

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Special Day for Owen

Good Morning little bright eyes!  Today is such a special day for you, Owen.
 You were as pleased as punch to have family and friends come over to celebrate YOU!
 Molly & Ella are BFF's
 Great Grandpa and Grandma Flinders told us that being a grandparent is the most amazing gift,
but being a great-grandparent is even better!
Wow! That's sayin somethin!

 He looks WAY to old all propped up here!


 Owen James Christensen.  Your wonderful father gave you the sweetest blessing this morning.
You are blessed to be in such a loving family.  You are so dearly loved by so many! 
The day was gorgeous...spring-like in every way. Jake and Lindsey
had a beautiful lunch for everyone after the meeting. We all enjoyed visiting 
with each other, snuggling the star of the day and watching Molly and Ella
giggle and play together. It was one of those perfect days 
you'd like hold on to forever.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Once There Was a Snowman

Once there was a snowman, snowman, snowman!
Once there was a snowman, tall, tall, tall!
 In the sun he melted, melted, melted.
In the sun he melted small, small, small!
 We were so excited to have fresh snow to go out and play in!  Molly couldn't remember ever making a snowman so out we went.  We made her some awesome shoe covers out of plastic bags and had a great time tromping around in the fluffy snow!  The skiers must be in heaven today!  The snow was so light and powdery that we couldn't get it to pack into snow balls. We decided to make him laying down on the deck.  He was quite happy to come to life with his dried blueberry eyes and mouth and his big carrot nose! Molly named him Bob.

 the timer can be tricky on an icy surface...
 Molly did great in her plastic boots.

 What a happy day!

 After watching Nana make a snow angel...Molly got brave and tried it herself.

 I made tracks for her to follow in, 
but she wanted to take her very own path! 

video clip if i can figure it out someday...

 One last photo with Bob :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lucky Leap Day!

A scheduled root canal for me that wasn't meant to be!  How often does something like that happen??
the endodondist told me there was no reason for a root canal - the roots looked very healthy.  So something else is going on under the gum I guess.  I couldn't have been happier to it was time for a road trip to kiss some cute little grandkiddos in Salt Lake! I got stuck down at there house as a big snow storm came early that night.  No problem for me :)

March came in like a LION...