Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Days

                                Our world is green, the flowers are blooming and the bees are happy!

 We have had a wet spring and the yard is lush and green.

This was the last standing tree in the center of the backyard.  The sweet woodruff and ferns had no problem snuggling right up to him.  It has been quite awhile since I have spent time in the yard and things are a little on the wild side now.  I kind of like the natural state it is morphing into - but I know the weeds will be calling my name soon enough!

We were lucky enough to have Ben and Janell spend a few weeks with us 
and I didn't snap enough photos.  

They are a blast to be with and of course we always love Bauer!

We do enjoy our time together, that's for sure!!

Close enough to Mother's Day!
Sure love my girls.

We had a crazy moment when we tried to grant Janell her one wish 
while she was here....a ride in the canoes.
Well, we have had the craziest, wettest spring ever!

Being the cautious, not too fond of lightening while boating, 
person I am - not a good idea, guys!!

I don't think we were on the water for 7 minutes when Dad called it and raised the white flag!
Well, it was fun while it lasted!

The giant winds came in an instant and it was a struggle tying the canoes back on the trailer,

But all was well and we had a good laugh about the whole ordeal!

Miss Molly

I got to watch Molly graduate from Preschool!  Such a darling morning with her.  For some funny reason, this is the only photo on my computer!  *they must be on my laptop*  Her teacher did a great job telling special things about each of the children and the kids sang such cute little songs! These milestones pass in a blink xo

And here we are to Memorial Day.

We dodged the rain darting between Bothwell and Garland cemeteries 
listening to some sweet stories told by GranMarie.
We have a beautiful heritage.

There has been an offer made on Grandpa's Farm.  We stopped by for a quick visit.

It sure is beautiful piece of our family history.

The skies had a lot of drama today and it sure shows in these photos.

It will be hard to say good-bye to this place.

We aren't sure how much Dad knows about what is happening, but here it seems like 
he is waving goodbye.  This is one of my all time favorite captures of these two.

He carved his initials in the barn along with his sweetheart's when they were just teenagers.

We need to collect some stories of this place and write them down for our children and grand children.  Their roots came from this land and I hope they can learn to love and appreciate the sweet Great Grandparents they have.

And there are plenty of shenanigans that need to be shared from this very place.

I'll save some details for a later post :)

Oh, if walls could talk!

Grandma would be happy to see flowers blooming in her yard.  
The bees and bugs are pleased. 

By the time we got to Mendon to visit Davis' grave - it was raining cats and dogs!

A Gift

Last of all - the sweetest gift.  Melanie works with Mark at the nursing home and she called asking us if she could drop something by.  What an amazing gift!  She had gone through some photos online and found this dark one of Davis playing his base guitar.  She said it was a very cool photo - edgy, but such a capture of sheer happiness.  Little did she know that it happened to be a snap from a little clip from a video of the last show he played with his band in Pasadena.  He was always so happy making music. She loved the photo and wanted to see what it would look like if she painted it with more light. We think she nailed it! The part that touched me so much was that very concept.  More light.

Davis and I had many chats in the rocking chairs on the front porch.  I remember one in particular when we were talking about what he believed and where he wanted to go with life and what he thought about this whole existence. I said something to the effect of, there seems to be a lot of darkness in your life Davis and I want you to know how important it is to have light and joy in your soul.  It's something you have to search for everyday. He replied, I know Mom, I know.  I'm looking for it, I really am.

This painting is treasured. And Melanie, you are right... that hair!
Thank you, sweet friend! We are very blessed.