Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

*Newcomers - Double Click on any photo for a larger view*

We were thankful to have such a wonderful day together.  What a treat to have our niece and nephew, Sharah & Rob Meservy here with us and Grandpa & Grandma Firth.  Our group numbered 10 - and we enjoyed great food and company and much laughter all day & late into the night. Here are a few pics of our day together.  
We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Meet Ramses, the little dog who stole everyones heart.  
He belongs to Cousin Rob.  
He is wishing he could steal some of Rob's appetizers!!

Rob, Sharah & Em 

Ooooohhhhh! Jake's scrumptious stuffed mushrooms.

Caramel rolls...Tradition!!  This recipe came from 
Mark & Leisa's first date.  
A friends parents cooked dinner for 
several couples before the dance.  
These were served.

The bird has seen better days!

Craving amazing mashed potatoes??  
No one does them better than Grandpa Ronald!!

Sharah & Ramses

Grandma Marie makin' the perfect gravy!

It sure gets slurped up fast!

Ramses & Emily.
Cute doggie, huh Liam?!!
Grandma sure had fun reading you your bedtime story on the icam!

Lindsey gets into the hula hoop game.

Sharah goes for the record and then below you see her 

brother cheering his heart out for her!!

Jake pauses in a moment of Zen as he holds the "tree" position.  
We will tell you that we have never laughed so hard watching 
each other try all the Wii Fitness games.  
It was a kick in the pants!  
Wish we had video to share of everyone...
*see Grandpa below*

Grandpa Hula Hooping

We all decided it is much more fun watching the participant 
than to actually participate ourself!
Here, Grandpa is working the hula hoop while
 trying to catch one on his head!
(This isn't the greatest quality - it's from a cell phone.)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Think *SNOW*

Is someone a LITTLE hungry for ski season?  
Funny, funny Camber.

Good Bye to Fall

We have enjoyed an incredible fall here in Cache Valley.  A few weeks ago I took these pictures of our beautiful Japanese Maple.  Her leaves have all  since fallen, but she sure 
put on a spectacular show for us this year.  
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Learn Something New Every Day!

Brady asked me to get rid of the the annoying little "type these letters" box before you can post a comment on our blog.  Well...I had no idea we had that on ours and I always wondered why some blogs had it and others didn't. I am proud to inform you all that  I figured out how to make that simple little change all by myself.  Now my request to everyone is to do the same.  Brady said it just adds interest to get strange little Philipino comments anyway...and I obviously don't know how to spell that word.  Sorry.  Nothing against foreign friends. Or people. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sweet Sixteen!

Happy Birthday Camber!
Camber Julia was born on a beautiful fall day
at Travis AFB in Fairfield CA
November 4, 1992
at 5:13 pm
weighing 7 lbs 6 oz
and probably one of our tallest babies at 21 1/4" ! 

She was a happy little girl from the beginning.

This is one of our favorite photos of her!  
Doesn't she look like a princess?

She definitely came that little spitfire personality that we love about her.  Here she is posing at our easter egg hunt with jelly beans she had carefully placed between her toes!!  (in AK we generally had our hunts indoors because these was usually snow on the ground!)

The makings of an amazing skier...a diet of icicles!

Camber has loved shrimp and seafood since she was a wee little girl. Ask her Grandma Joan about the day at Red Lobster when nearly snarfed down all of her shrimp!  At our house you get to pick the menu of your choice on your birthday.  Camber picked all of her favorite things!

Age four figuring it all out our with her brother, Davis.



What she dreams of...(this was a great photo of a lift at Beaver, but I goofed! 
And don't know how to delete just one photo - sorry.)

And Sweet Sixteen today!  
We love you Camber.  
Your spunk is a blessing in our family.  
You are a wonderful example in keeping a positive out look with life. 
 It is contagious!  
We hope this will be a wonderful year for you!! 
Happy birthday!