Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Whirlwind of a Week

Mother daughter dinner with our graduates. Kristan planned a sweet dinner for the girls and their moms. It was fun to sit around the table and remember the fun times the girls have had together over the years. Davis, Camber and Emily are pretty lucky to have friends that they grew up with.  The older kids did an awful lot of moving around during their school days. I guess there are pros and cons to both sides of that coin.  

They have certainly grown up into beautiful young women. They have made new friends along their journey and taken different routes - but share those similar roots. Good times, good laughs, good cries, good memories, good luck girls!!

At Kristan and Maria's

 Camber's 6th Birthday Party

And now.  
It goes by in a blink!

This week I was able to attend International Quilt Market in SLC.  It's a hug trade show for the quilting industry.  I have more photos here on my Black Sheep Woolens Blog. It was a great experience and very inspiring.  Lindsey came with me and Emily was excused from school to watch Molly.  We really had a great time and our heads were spinning at the end of 2 1/2 days of soaking it all in.  Embroidery was pretty big this spring.  

We drank up the sunshine and gorgeous weather.  
We enjoyed lunch on Friday at the lovely Cafe Trio.

Dressing up for the dance.

Here is the cutest picture of my mom all ready for her 9th grade dance. When Camber was picking out her dress she knew right off she wanted it short and the style she liked reminded me so much of this one my mom wore.  I asked Camber to let me take a photo of her at the piano similar to the one my mom is in.  It seems that they are both thinking, 
"I really don't want my photo taken, thank you very much."  
But look how beautiful they are!

Grandma Joan's dress was a light green.
Camber is in blue.

In honor of a dear friend, Camber wore heels. (Thanks for the tip on Sofft, Jenny ;) When I sent her a text post dance her reply was...they weren't too bad actually. So high five to girl who loves her flats.

She choose a pretty periwinkle blue lace and we found a pattern similar to a retro dress on ebay and I got busy stitching.  It all went together pretty quick. Lots and lots of ruffles on the crinolin slip.  

 Molly helped Lindsey paint Camber's toes while Camber put her make up on.  

It's always great fun to watch the guy pin or tie on the corsage.  
Patrick is a gentleman.

(Who took this blurry photo anyway? oops.)

Their senior ball was a Masaquerade Ball.

Cute couple and good friends.

and PS Molly didn't really like Patrick taking her buddy away...

And to finish out our week, Seminary Graduation.
Good job, Camber!

FYI:  That is not a snowy sky, it's a lot of dust from the craziest windstorm we have ever seen here.  Last night was actually a little scary listening to all the trees in the neighborhood fall and the howling wind shake the house.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Could Someone Please Slow Down The Clock?

 A very Happy Mother's Day it was! Emily prepared a beautiful breakfast.  Individual quiches with ham, cheese, crusty bread croutons and asparagus.  For the sweet side she made strawberries with fresh orange cream topping with shaved chocolate.  Delightful.  We need to get her to share her recipes.  One of my favorite lines of the day was when she said, "Mom, is this how you feel every time you serve a delicious meal?  I did GOOOD!"  Grandpa and Grandma Firth spent the weekend with us and we enjoyed long chats, a movie, cards and lots of laughter.


And this cute girl of ours is packing up to move out and venture into the great huge world awaiting her.  She and her friends have found this cute little house to rent for the summer. We are very excited for her and wish her the best the world has to offer.  We will certainly going to miss her cute mug around our house. Thank heavens she isn't going too far, yet! xo

 I loved this photo on their blog-
"Look Mom, I'm a real pirate!"

And the adorable girl with the curls!
She's walking, saying bye-bye and blowing kisses.

Time is sure ticking away quickly!
This past week little Elsie turned one and Liam turned four!
Happy Birthday!!  We got to participate via skype :)
Camber's graduation is just around the corner and so is summer.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy MAY Day!

 We have a flock of Quail hanging out in our yard this spring.  I am hoping they are nesting and getting ready for their little families. The mamma is as plump as can be!  They are super fast and I hope one of these times I can snap a photo of this couple together.  Cool birds.  No licking your lips, Scott.

 Our neighborhood is preparing for flooding.  This coming Saturday they are hoping to have the entire 20,000 sandbags filled and in place. Hundreds of volunteers have been involved with this service.  I will helping in my CERT vest this weekend.