Monday, January 20, 2014

Missing Him

Emily had the perfect photo and words for our family today.
She posted this on her instagram feed:

"Surviving three months with my world tilted seems like a pretty big accomplishment."

 We are amazed that time keeps marching on and we tag along with it.  We find more good days in our weeks than hard ones.  We are forever changed and are learning how to live in this new place. 
Our world has been rather tilted and finding our bearings again is a process.

 It's time to start thinking about a headstone.  We know we want something unique for Davis.

 We are starting to think of options.  
We find peace in this sweet place on the hill in Mendon.

 But the road ahead is long and filled with uncertainty.  
We are blessed with so many around us that give us hope, love and courage. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Birthday Time!

T W O and F O U R
It's time for a birthday party!
 But first things first!  The kids had some things to show us.
Miss Molly rides her two wheeler all by herself!

Emily sat by the birthday girl.  The kids picked Pizza!

 The two grandpas had their try at dropping the bean in the jar. 
 Owen wasn't quite sure why we were putting beans {in} our noses...but what the hay?!

 Pin the bow on Minnie's ear

 And then it was time for the cake!
 Owen takes note in Molly's blowing technique and then gives it a try!

 We sure love this little family.  They bring us all so much joy!

 Owen loved sticking his finger in the frosting again and again, especially when no one minded.

 Aunt Camber has the best time with the kids

 Grandpa and Grandma Christensen gave the kids stick horses 
and they had a blast racing around the house.

What a party! We're still smiling about it!

Happy Birthday Molly and Owen!
We LOVE you so very much!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  Last year Davis was working the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena.  It  is something we'd love to see one day.  We are grateful for the memories and times we have shared with our sweet boy.  The countless connections to where he traveled, what he loved, learned and what he would hope for us is a gift we all treasure.  Looking at a brand new year is a pretty exciting thing to do.  So much promise and hope.

Molly turned 4 today!  Sounds like she had a perfect day with her family.  We get to celebrate her birthday and Owens birthday next Saturday.  Can hardly wait!

We had a quiet new years eve with Janell.  She extended her stay this week due to a bout with the flu.  We have loved having her here with us.
 (Em had a fun little photo shoot with Janell and Ziggy!)

To each of you who visit our blog, thanks for popping in now and then.  
May 2014 be filled with many warm memories.

I say this yesterday on Pinterest:

Break a bad habit
Learn a new skill
Do a good deed
Visit a new place
Read a difficult book
Write something important
Try a new food
Do something for someone who can not thank you
Take an important risk