Monday, August 25, 2008

Back To School Time

Ready or not it is that time of year again!
Camber and Emily will be in 10th and 7th grade this year.
They are BOTH about 5'. Cami is 5' 1/4"
and Em is just 1/4" under 5'.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cache Valley Century Ride

6:00 am and they are ready to rock & roll! The line up is:
Gustavo Flores, Michael Winward, Lindsey,  Mark, 
Dave Harker & Jake.
They were all excited for the big event and eager to get goin' 
Jake & Mark complete 101 miles!  Great job guys!  They were happy to have completed their goal and looking forward to soaking in the spa!!
These 3 have enjoyed some great rides together this summer.  They were missing Brady.  Lindsey rode for 75 miles!  That was more than double any of her training rides had been. Gustavo also completed the century -  Michael and Dave took the 60 mile loop. 
Great job everyone!  You inspire us all!

Family Time

Janell & Troy were down visiting this past week and we had some good times!  This was our homemade chinese dinner.  Pretty tasty stuff, despite what Camber's face may tell you! It was nice having G & G Firth up for a few days and visiting with cousin Rob!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

check out my wonderful grandson at brady and dani's blog. i get to visit him in just a few days! i can't wait to see them. 
Mother's Day 2008

leisa is learning to blog....

we like moose.