Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February is slipping by...

The month of love...a four day weekend...a nasty cold...snow abounds....movies (we played catch-up and enjoyed Life of Pi, Lincoln, The Impossible, Season 3 of Downton Abby) We have been a little more on the lazy side, that's for sure!  But what is winter for :)

 Isn't Skype the biggest blessing ever??!
We get up close looks of Liam's new Jack-o-Lantern smile and Elsie's post donut grin.

Enjoyed our  visit from Molly and Owen.  
They brought their parents up to work in Papa's wood shop 
so they could play with Papa and Nana!  
Lucky us!!

 Jake, Mark and Emily whipped up a mighty fine batch of Gyoza for lunch!

 Tea parties are the most fun!
I love how Owen has a special cheeeez smile for the camera
and how Molly always has her baby tucked in close, just like her mommy did.
 Hope you are enjoying February down to the last drop!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mostly For The Grand Kiddos!

Please, excuse the Ape :)