Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kaelyn's Special Day

A name is something special.  It is generally something very difficult to decide on as it will be a life long attachment!  Parents want to pick a name that will be just right for the child.  I find it so interesting how no matter the name - it always seems to be perfect, every time!

Kaelyn Alayna was given a special name and blessing this morning by her father.  It was a very sweet time to share with them.  She is a beautiful little babe who fits in perfectly with her family.  We feel so lucky to be here and share in this special time.  It's amazing how they come pre-packaged with their own unique personalities and cute little quirks. Kaelyn may also be called Layney... time will tell!

We love this family so very much!

Not only is she beautiful...she has such a sweet, calm disposition.

These two peas in a pod gave kisses good bye this morning....see ya soon!!


And just when you need a little pick me up, Liam will walk into the
 room and really put a smile on your face!  Look out James!

Secret agent. He's got his eye on you.

Six Years Old...

Six is such a great age!  Liam loves all things NASA or space, ninja turtles, legos and adventures outside.  He has a very creative imagination and more energy than most people I know.  He is a born runner and has loved running even since he was a tiny toddler.  He is also a very adventurous eater and isn't afraid to try new things.  He is an awesome big brother.  His new baby sister came home on his birthday - so today we took time to celebrate his six awesome years!  He and Elsie went on a very long walk while his mom and I got some things ready for the party.  Papa said they easily walked over 2 miles and made sure to stop for adventure nourishment snacks along the way....aka Chicken Nuggets :)

Papa started things off with "shoot the alien deer", as Liam ordered :)  Good times!

Then pin the nun chuk on the ninja...squirt the candle with a water gun...Master May I...  Liam had written out a little list with everything he had planned out.  He would sqweeze the horn when it was time to rotate to a new activity.  He's a great kid! 
 Snacks, gifts and blowing out the candles!
What a great party!
What a great little guy!!

A little worn for the day...nothing like chillin watching a movie.  Look at those cute curls! We had dinner out at Tara Thai.  Really great meal :) We've sure had a lot of fun together.  Papa's time here ends tomorrow.  We'll all miss him!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Sandy Point Beach

 After jumping into the cool water it was time to build a very cool sand castle!

 And little Kaelyn enjoyed the balmy breezes of the beach in the shade of her carseat :)

A perfect day.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Meeting Kaelyn

We have been blessed with a brand new grand daughter and we got to meet her today! Miss Kaelyn Alayna joined her family on May 7th weighing in at 6 lbs 6 ounces.  She is a perfect little doll and very much loved.

This tiny newborn stage goes by so quickly!  There is nothing like the rose pedal skin and fuzzy little shoulders these babes come with. 

Sadly out of focus, but I love her in this photo...and Papa couldn't be happier.

 Liam and Elsie have places to take us...
 The farmers market is a hip place to visit.
Sharing nourishment, as Papa puts it.

More to come very soon!  There is a baby to cuddle right now :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

A beautiful day  to visit our little zoo.  Just the right size for Molly and Owen.  
They were having a welcome party for some new residents :) 
 We met a snake and said hello to our favorites.

 Molly won a few prizes for her great aim!

And Owen loves to feed the ducks!

                           Then it was off to Elements to see what they were cooking for lunch!

 New flowers for the yard.  I have lots of planting to do before we leave for DC.

 Sunday was a sweet day to be together. To laugh, eat and enjoy the gorgeous weather!
It was nice to be in our ward again.

Sure love my family...every one of them!!
I'm a very blessed mother and nana.