Sunday, January 13, 2013

Owen Turned 1

How does it happen?  The time just goes by so quickly.  We loved watching Owen enjoy is cake and open some fun gifts.  Too bad I left my camera home!!  Yea for cell phone cameras!  I will borrow some from Owen's mommy when she gets them up :)

 Oh...did he love devouring his cake!
They had a great assortment of delectable cookies and milk for everyone!
Happy Birthday, little guy!
We are so happy we have you in our family xo

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Too Quiet

Our DC family boarded a plane this morning to go back home.  We had the best visit with them! The next time we are together there will one more to love :)  Can hardly wait! If we only had a private jet...

 Ta-ta for now!  It was great making more memories to 
get us through to the next time we will be together again!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year!

Driving up American Fork Canyon brings back many memories for Mark and I.  We spent a lot of time here with our families as youngsters.  Camping, fishing, hiking Timpanogos, visiting the cave...and parties at The Dell!  My family held their extended Christmas party here this year...on New Year's Day.

These are the smiling faces we enjoyed sharing time with on New Years Day! (Jake and Lindsey were home with sick kiddos...we met up with them later for Molly's Birthday...Em was in Logan with friends this year) Mark is getting to know and love his new iphone :)

We spent New Years Eve at David and Lisa's house. 
Games, food and great company!

 The backyard I grew up working and playing in.
What a beautiful day January 1st was, but bitter cold is certainly settling in. 

 I finished up a nightgown for the birthday girl on my mom's old singer.  
I learned to sew on this machine.  Oh the memories!

More memories...
My mom got this little car mat out for Elsie to play with.  It was patterned after our hometown in West Weber when I was four years old. The light yellow house with the brown roof was ours. We played with this for hours on end.  Of course Elsie loved the PINK house the very best!

Sure love their old fashioned tree with ornaments my mom had on her tree when she was a little girl.
Aren't Grandpa and Grandma's houses just magical with all the fun memories they hold, the special toys and pretty things? And most of all the perfect laps to sit on to hear stories and sing songs. 

Elsie has always been a lover of horses.  She needed to see Great Grandpa's horse before she left.  He might need a tasty carrot....or finger from a little girl! Glad all is well and she still has her ten fingers.  You just never know about those animals! That was a close one!

And Molly Turned 3 !!
Lindsey and Jake threw a sweet party for an adorable girl who loves her family, her baby doll - Amy, books, drawing, and a party! We are so blessed to have her sweet little self in our family!  She is full of spunk and love and teases!  She is certainly a blessing in all of our lives.  Glad she was feeling better and could enjoy her party. XO
(Love the instagram of her banging the lids for Happy New Year!)

 Happy 2013 Everyone!!
and now about those New Year's Resolutions...