Thursday, April 30, 2015


Knowing what our summer looked like - Emily and I decided to take a quick 
two night trip to Salt Lake before things got too crazy. 
We packed up our cameras and grabbed 
our stretchiest pants for plenty of good food sampling 
and we were off!

Antelope Island

We had never been before and were very curious as to what it was all about.

We arrived Sunday evening and had about 2 1/2 hours before sundown.

We headed to the spot we might best view the sunset and found it was also 
a great place for somebody's cute 1st BDay photo shoot!

We began clambering over all of the facinating rock formations and shooting like crazy!
(We will spare you of our dozens and dozens of shots!)

It is a remarkable place.  The colors and plants and vistas were incredible!

And the skies!!  So dramatic that night.  
It was really quite stunning to watch the light and clouds.

We understand there only a few windows of time that are comfortable to be out on the Island.
There are bugs.  Lots of biting bugs in the early summer.
Spiders.  Lots and lots of spiders in later summer.
Heat.  Crazy heat in midsummer.

So we were really lucky to come during bug season, but right after lots 
of rain so they didn't bother us one little bit!
We forgot to ask what fall was like here...

There wouldn't be enough time to drive around and explore the Island - we will save that for
another day.  We just soaked in our little quiet corner of the world and took in the amazing scenery!

 It was really sweet!

And really peaceful.

We pretty much had this gorgeous shoreline all to ourselves

It really is rare to have hours with one on one time with any of my children.

This tiny trip is definitely one I will always treasure. 

Taking the time to enjoy the sun setting is something that doesn't happen enough 
in our lives.  Incredible.  And photos just can't capture the feeling.

We will be back for some more exploring and quiet time.

Ah, the city!  Colorful and bustling.  
Always fun to visit.

For breakfast we decided on Penny Ann's Diner.  Highly recommend.  Tiny little place, but perfect for people watching and good home cooked diner food!  (I have had their sandwiches and pies!)
*The above collage is compiled found photos on google

 Great food and time for a little sketching.  Perfect!
Off to see what we see.

Craving flowers and summer time sunshine, we wandered around the beautiful nursery
Cactus and Tropicals.  We snapped photos until our hearts content and picked out some 
pretty little succulents and all the ingredients neccessary to have our own planting party later.

Whew!  We really worked up our appetite.
Good thing we wore our stretchy pants!
Taqueria 27 here we come!
We are pretty happy girls :)

I sketched a little while Emily browsed.  I'm in training for our Italy trip! haha!

City Creek is a great place to people watch.
We do have a crush on Anthropologie...

We went back to our charming hotel (not) and took a little nap.
We had to prepare ourselves for dinner, you know!

Now lest there be any room for questions, there are TWO establishments
in the pretty little city of Salt Lake by the name of Eva.

It took us several hours and some online research to figure this out.
Lucky us - we tried them both, as they had come highly recommended by friends and family.

Eva's Restaurant is just further down on the same street!  They do not serve breakfast anymore
They do have a delicious menu of small plates that are really, really tasty!

The day was good. Very good.
We spent the rest of the night doing silly blind contour portrait drawings of each other -
which kept us very entertained and laughing until the wee hours of the morning.

Would you believe we woke up hungry??
Eva's Bakery ... here we come!
Just like being transported to Paris.
Why hadn't we known about this place before now??


We wandered around Temple Square for a few photos and a quick sketch.

 And then ... real life came calling and it was time to scoot back home.
Thanks, Em for such a wonderful treat.
The perfect way to usher in summer!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

A P R I L was packed!

Camber has a new job...The Expeditor!  
She is working at new restaurant in SLC called 
Every plate passes by her hand and she makes sure that each one looks perfect.
She is so fun to watch :)  And the food!!!!  We loved it!  You won't be disappointed.
{these two photos are borrowed from their website}

 Emily and I shared the Salmon dish and Mark savored the Scallops...
after we sampled chowder, crab cakes and an amazing potato dumpling dish!

Pleased as punch with our choices!                            And there she is...all smiles, as usual!
We'll try dessert next time!

 Easter Sunday

Around our table this year were Grandpa and Grandma Firth, 
Camber, Rickie, Emily, Mark and Leisa.
It was a sweet gathering and a beautiful day.
We drove out to the cemetery and enjoyed the spring weather and reminiscing.
So thankful for the gift our Savior has so freely given us.

Our wedding china :)

We all find such peace here and so much beauty.  
We love our visits, and our boy.

April Birthdays

Happy Birthday Marie!
A chance to gather family and enjoy great food and each other's company.

 Larisa was visiting with her darling daughters, from England!

Smiles all around

And so much love!

Folk Dancers

We left Grandma Marie's party a little early because 
we don't like a miss a chance to see our cute Emily on stage.  

Dancing for Spain this time at the end of year performance for family and friends.
They have some very impressive dancers at BYU. That clogging team!

I'm always keeping an eye out for those pretty Polish costumes!

Where does the time go?  It seems like she was just three 
and twirling around the living room just yesterday.

You are beautiful, Em.

April 19, 2015
Dear Davis, 
25 years ago we welcomed you into our family.  You were just about as perfect as a little one could be.  Such a beautiful, darling baby.  You have taught us so much from the very beginning of your life with us.  And as much as the pain and empty place we all have in our hearts, we are healing in our grief from losing you - way to soon from our lives and continuing to learn from you as we count our many blessings for the joy you continue to bring to our family.  It comes in new ways now and in surprising moments. We hold them close to our hearts.  

This evening Dad and I took a walk in one of your favorite places.
Everything we saw reminded us of you.

There was spring green and new growth everywhere we looked.

Old bricks and stuff ... so much to discover and wonder about.

We love to build cairns, just for you!  
And everywhere we go, we do! 
It always puts a smile on our face.  

 Marking direction and remembrance

I hope you know we feel you near, quite often.
That is a gift, a tender mercy for each of us.

We see why you loved this rocky, beautiful place.  
There is peace in the mountains.

Not long after we lost you, we received a card from a sweet friend that brought such comfort.  She told us that even though you were gone from us for awhile and this life on earth, our relationship with you would continue to grow.  I didn't quite understand how that would work, but she was right!  I can speak only for myself, but I truly feel it has. 

Life isn't the same without you here with us.   But life is beautiful.  We are all learning to live in
a new way with a part of you inside of each of our hearts.  That part of you gives us home and strength.  I know we are looking forward to that day when we will laugh again with you.  When we can have a hug from those strong arms of yours.  Miss you every day.

We love you Davis.
More than words can say.
Dad and Mom

Ice Skating Review Time!

It's a big deal to skate in front of SO many people!

But we all need a little time in the spotlight...

and to appreciate some lively cheering!

New tricks are fun to show off!

And learning that sometimes,

when we fall

we have people who love us who will help us get back up on our feet.

Life is pretty great most of the time.

Family is what it is all about.  And we are certainly blessed.

Great job Molly and Owen!!  You two are are pretty special xoxo
(and your parents are pretty awesome, too!)