Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Double Date to Jackson!

Mom & Dad in front of the little cabin they stayed in on their honeymoon to Star Valley over 48 years ago. They are still very much in love!!
Enjoying dinner at Nora's Fish House.

The leaves were turning.  It is such a beautiful time to go to Jackson.
Dad is enjoying some peaceful fishing on the Salt.  Even if mostly 
white fish were taking the bate - what a gorgeous time we had!
Chatting over the fence.

Not much can beat a day like this on the river.

There were a few fish to be had mid-day.

The following are photos from our twilight float from 
Jackson Dam to Pacific Creek.  
We put in the canoes around 5:30pm and enjoyed 3 hours 
of the river to ourselves.  
We saw so much wildlife.  This is float that is magical this time of year because the Elk are calling and the scenery is unbeatable. The sunsets are the most romantic scenes.  Everyone needs to do this at least once in their lifetime!  It should definitely be on your bucket list! 
I think we all had perma-grins the entire night - except when 
Leisa didn't know if Dad meant left or right!! :)
We think this is a priceless photo!  
Please double click to get the larger image.  
Aren't they cute?!

We kept a pretty safe distance of about 20 yards from this mama and 
babe - thankfully they were immersed in their supper 
so as to not mind our gawking.  
Mom didn't want to leave these girls!

The view from our living room window.  

The beautiful Teton Range.

We were lucky enough to see this cute little black bear the last morning of our trip.

Jenny Lake

Clear a spot on your calender and lets play in Jackson next fall!!
(I'll put more photos up on my facebook site.
 It is easier to upload them there.)

Emily & Dad Climb the Wellsvilles

This is Miss Emily on top of the world in Cache Valley.  A few weekends back, she and her dad climbed the mighty Wellsvilles on a beautiful Saturday.  They had a blast together.  The Wellsville Mountains, while only moderately tall, they are particularly narrow.  For this reason, it is often claimed they are one of the steepest mountain ranges in North America.  Box Elder (9,372') and the Wellsville Cone (9,356') are the two highest peaks.  The photo was from Dad's little cell phone & doesn't do the view of her or the area justice - it was an incredible sight!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Birthday Time!

Didn't Mark do a fabulous job with this dinner!? (Jake, too!) It was so amazing! 
 None of us could quit oohhing & aaawing over it! The steak had this incredible teriyaki marinade - grilled to perfection salmon - salad - fresh peaches - rolls - grilled summer veggies!  We sure do love our food around here!
The Birthday girl made Creme Brulee and Emily made an outstanding pound cake smothered in berries and whipped cream and we all gorged ourselves on both of them! 
(Did you know that calories never count on a birthday!)
I love how you can see the cellphone reflected in the spoon!  
It was the only camera available in our house tonight!!
This is some cool ka-nife!! 
 It is a special cheese knife and I love it and I love cheese!! 
Thank you sweetie-pie Mark!

And for your viewing pleasure we have for you a little video we captured with the trusty old cell phone (gotta love that phone!! ) of miss Camber wiggling her finger! I got a real kick out of this!!  However, I didn't love her comment during dinner -
"Nice Mom, now you're have way finished with your life!"

I love my family and they sure made this day special for me!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Silly Sisters

Saturday afternoon and nothing better to do - "Let's color our hair!" 
The fun never ends around here! As you can see in the photo above, Emily was a little apprehensive about the whole thing, as it was her first experience.  The funny part when the color rinsed out purple in the tub!  She ended up with pretty warm, copper highlights and all was well.  She is always game. They have a great time together.  Adorable girls!

First week of September

This will give you a little giggle! 
Wow...funny how you don't "feel" any older! 
26 years ago.

This is one of those funny cellphone take it yourself photos!  
Not an option 26 years ago when we were married!  
We had a lovely anniversary dinner at Le Nonne. 
(Incredible food...worth the drive to Logan!)  
We can't believe how fast time is going by.  
We are sure enjoying the ride, bumps as all.  
Wuv, tawoo wuv.  How sweet it is!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Published Video "Visiting Liam"

Okay....the long awaited video is finally up and going on you tube!
Check it out!  One of these days I will figure out this blogger thing!
(It's a 10 minute video) and sadly, the quality went down from the original.

Liam and his family...

Tinkering isn't getting me anywhere in the blogging world.  This photo is suppose to be at the bottom of this section with the nice little link to their kindly scroll down and you will find it.  What a yummy place though I know a few girls who would 
LOVE to visit this bakery! 

(and if you are looking hard at the people here - they are strangers, we know no one.)

I love how your little hands turn the paper pages of a book,
I love the pitter patter of your cute little feet as scurry from one place to the next.
I love to watch you think and discover.  I love your strong determination.
I love how you are such a perfect little package the perfect blend of your mommy and daddy.
I love how you get that sparkle in your eye when you spot a dog or a kitty.
I love your dimpled little hands when they hold your favorite horsey.
I love that cute little voice of yours and how it only goes soft and high when you
meow for the kitty or imitate mommy.
I love how you already idolize your daddy and imitate him with sunglasses on his scooter.
I love the wonder you have when you watch the bugs crawl around.
I love the belly laugh only you have!
I love watching you learn and grow.
I love you, Liam!!
Love & Hugs,
Grandma Leisa

Visiting the botanical gardens at MSU.  Look at those cute curls!  
This little guy looks so much like his daddy did at his age.

What a great little family!

He is a lot of fun to squeeze!  Such a happy little bounder!

314 Wilson Street.  Home Sweet Home!

At Lake Olvid.  Liam loves the water.  I love Liam!

She relished her visit with Brady, Danielle and Liam.  
It was wonderful to see where they live and have that wonderful 
one-on-one time all grand(parents) crave with their grand(children).  
They live in a sweet little community.  It is beautiful country back there. 
 They are thriving and it was a thrill to see that!

Beautiful farmlands. Many cornfields.

One of my favorite parts of Dewitt was our visit to
 Sweetie Pie's Bakery.  
Was that ever cute!  We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of warm quiche, blueberry-pumpkin muffins,  fresh blueberries and juice! Yum!!  It was great to meet the energetic owner. 

Check out the website.
 She will be featured on the food network Sept 21st.  
Darling lady and an amazing baker.