Monday, December 26, 2016


We have pretty live tree this year.  The popcorn makes me smile.
I didn't have the time or energy to get out all of our ornaments this year
but I think the simplicity of it is pretty sweet. And after years of having the old bike perched on our mantle - we took it down.  It was time for a change and a good motive to paint something new to go to grace the wall.  I wonder how hard it is to do a large oil painting...

What a beautiful White Christmas!! 
We haven't had snow like this for a very long time.  
We are all so excited!

Christmas Eve... simple and quiet but very sweet.  
We had delicious Minestrone Soup and Coconut Shrimp.
Just the four of us.

New jammies... one of Davis' favorite Christmas Eve traditions.
I wonder what the celebration in heaven is like.
It must be glorious.

Emily spent the better part of the day creating100% homemade S'mores!  
They were amazing!

We drove down to Lindsey and Jakes house in North Salt Lake to spend 
Christmas afternoon and evening with them.  

The new snow was fluffy and light

not the easiest to build a snowman with

but they were persistant

and pretty proud of the way he turned out!

A White Christmas is just the best!!

Auntie Camber loving on baby Kate

Mark carved each of the girls a treasure box 
and the boys a cantilevered pen box. 
So beautiful and thoughtful.

I did a study of a winter painting by Kent Wallis for Lindsey.
I think it turned out pretty good for my first attempt at an oil painting.
Can't wait to learn more!

Our Christmas will be stretched out through the new year.  
Brady will be up with the kids soon and Ben and Janell will be coming from Portland midweek.
Lots to look forward to!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Kate's Blessing Day

These days are always the sweetest.  Gathering to celebrate a sweet little babe still so fresh from heaven. Jake gave her a beautiful blessing and the perfect name for her... Kate Ember Christensen.
Here are some photos of her special day.  It was really sweet to have nearly all of her Great Grandparents attending.  She is a very loved little angel with such a beautiful light and sparkle in her eyes.  We love you Kate xoxo

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunny St George Thanksgiving!

This year we decided to rent a condo in St. George and meet Brady with the kids who were coming up from Arizona.  It was a wonderful Thanksgiving together! Lindsey and Jake rented a hotel room that was the overflow and people switched around the sleeping arranglents.  It worked great!

Ben and Janell introduced Liam to Fluxx and it was a big hit!
We love our games in this family.  

And who doesn't love to color?

We came without a rolling pin, but made do with a crock.  

Miss Elsie was wonderful helper!

Together they made a great team and some delicious rolls :)

Everyone loves their turn to snuggle sweet baby Kate!

Our nut cup gang and the big tease, Uncle Ben!

After a few appetizers we were ready for the feast!

Not bad for a tiny little kitchen!

The food was great, but having all of us together was the best!!
Yay for cell phones and selfie sticks!!
(baby Kate was napping)

Homemade Oatmeal Pecan Pie, Chocolate Pie from Marie Calender's and a Sam's Club Cheesecake
{no complaints, just lots of smiles}

SOme of us napped and a some of us ventured off for a rock climbing adventure.

Sometimes you do hard things and then it feels really good! 
This was Liam and Elsie's first time to rock climb outside in a harness and they did great!

Games and good night sleep... then we were ready for another adventure!

There was a great little canyon quite close to us so we ventured out to see the views.
Red Cliffs Desert Reserve...really fun place for a family!

We met up with Jug and Shelley's family who were down is sunny St George as well.  
They kept the kids for us while the adults had dinner out.
Miss Layney was crushing on Kaycee's boyfriend, Dallin. 
It was pretty darn cute!