Monday, July 27, 2009

A Summer Treat

Many hands make light work...and reap sweet, yummy rewards!
Above is Rob climbing the hill to help us pick berries.

One of our favorite summer time treats - fresh raspberries!
We love eating them by the bowlful with milk or in a 
creamy milkshake.  We have been spoiled!!

Always learning new things!

Our little two-year-old grandson is learning to 
beatbox and has a recent music video out!
Check it out here!! 
It's under Trail Marathon #2 
(you did AWESOME, BTW Dani!!)
Liam is a crack up! He just starts doing his 
thing at any given time - pants on or off!
 Scroll down to the top two videos
and hopefully the replay button
won't get worn out!  :)

A few weeks ago, Leisa went out to do a little birthday shopping and found a super sale at Al's.  she found a few things for Mark and a great shirt and pair of cool shorts for Jake.  A week or so later, Mark went out to do a little birthday shopping for his Dad and found a great sale at Al's and came home with a great shirt for his dad!  We have learned that the two of us have similar taste!  What a funny thing.  We all got a chuckle out of that one and a couple of great photos.  Mark's dad thought it was about time he should try out some shorts!  He came home with these gray shorts, trying to follow after Jake and we couldn't resist these photos.  
Anyone know who does hems???

Always learning or trying something new!  
That's the spirit!

Like great new card games!!
WAHOO! Pinochle time!!  
If you stop by for a visit, you may just have to
stick around long enough to play 
our new favorite game!  
This game has been around for a very long time - 
but it is new to us!
Jake has been very patient teaching us.
Anyone want to try to shoot the moon?
We LOVE it!

A dog is a dog no matter what the size and we have learned that the 
gray cat does NOT want to be friendly with any dog.
Our cousin Robert has been by quite a bit the past couple of weeks
and he brings Ramses along with him.  
It's always entertaining in one way or another!!


Life is just great.  Always something new to learn.  
How about this - we have recently learned that we are 99% 
sure that our next grandchild will be a grand daughter!!
 A little perk with a doc in the family! 
In the photo above the ultra sound shot,
 you can see her little arm. 
Lindsey will get to have a 3D ultra sound in a few more weeks. 
They are due January 8th.

Learning new things is just wonderful!!

Jake is Great!!

We were lucky enough to be be invited to spend a day at the lake with the birthday boy!  
What a wonderful day of memory making! 
 It was the hottest day of the year so far and what a great way to cool down!  Photos of the day can be found here. 
 Still working on a slide show.  

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday!

July 20th we celebrated Mark's Dad's birthday.  We think he is the cream of the crop.  We love how he teaches us in quiet ways.  We love how he loves our mother and grandmother.  We love his Skinny Skunk stories and how he can tease like no other.  We love the encouragement he so freely gives to all of us.  We love to carry his name.  Happy Birthday, Ronald!!
The kitchen crew.

Steak grilled to perfection, baked potato, strawberry salad, fresh corn on the cob & rolls. Not much can top that...

Except Grandma's HOT FUDGE!
We LOVE her stirring stance - a sign of good
things are coming our way! Classic.

Meet Sasha, everyone.  
She is Shaura's dog that came 
all the way from Russia with her.
She is adorable and very bright.  
She looks like a tiny English Setter, 
but we are told she is a Russian born English Cocker Spaniel.
(correct me if I am wrong)

Time for opening gifts and tasting that special birthday dessert!
Some of us like it creamy and others will wait until it reaches chewy perfection,
 just hardening up a little as it hits the 
cold ice cream.  
Others of us can't decide 
and have to try it both ways!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I guess I am craving some artist time. Better go buy a box of sidewalk chalk.,queryString:coldplay,order:MOST_RELEVANT/11,3022304

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

Hope yours was lovely with sparkles, family, friends & food!
We LOVE America.

Friday, July 3, 2009

birthday boys

Yesterday we celebrated with Mark,
the birthday boy. Great food, friends and family made for a great fiesta.
What was on the menu? Ribs, Baked Beans, Au gratin Potatoes with Gruyere Cheese, Fruit Bowl (blue berries, cantaloupe, blackberries, pineapple), Rolls, Monk's Head Cheese, GreenSalad, Apple-Pear-Blackberry Betty with Ice Cream. I'm telling you ... you don't want to miss out on celebrations at Deer Hollow.
July 2 Birthday bash without one of the birthday boys, Brady, is never complete. We remember him as a babe in arms with untidy, stick-straight-in-the-air cinder-locks. He has always been a joy. Now he has one of his own in his arms. We miss him.

We also miss all the rest of our babies that have moved on to new locals. It was good to hear from Jani, Davis, Brady, Dani, and Liam.

Happy Birthday, Brady!!!