Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Summary

*Ben & Janell roadtripped it to Logan* * Bee Swarm recovered in the neighborhood*

*Fun shopping days* *B&J's Scrumptious Biscuts & Gravy* 
*Witnessed flight school of a tiny wren family*
*Repainted Chairs*

*Enjoyed Bauers sweet company* *Frolicing on Father's Day* *Chill Time*

*Vintage Finds* *Summerfest* *Pool Time* *Tony's Grove* *Fresh Salmon*

Not pictured are the hundreds of miles Mark clocked around the valley preparing
for the Gran Fondo in two weeks.  Gotta train that guy to use his phone camera ;)

June was a blissful month for our family...
July suggests a little more scurry in our step!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Warm Summer NIghts...

I love a party!  The planning, the prep and the fun time with people you love!  The heat of summer has arrived in Cache Valley.  The warm summer nights just beg for relaxing time spent in the backyard.  We had a few neighbors over for a last minute dinner party.  Sometimes making calls the day before works best with everyone's busy schedules.  We've decided if you try to include everyone you know and love it gets too complicated and ginormous.  We hope to many more of these sweet evenings through out the summer. 

 Everyone brought a salad or appetizer to share and we grilled shish-kabobs!  Yummeee!!
Keeping things green and eating with real plates and silverware is a fun way to make the night a little more special...even if you don't have complete settings for a dozen - mix things up a little!

 We are blessed with such wonderful neighbors and friends. 
 And a little secret that is just out....Cami and Mike are having a baby!  She dropped in for awhile and shared the exciting new with us.  they moved to Connecticut several years ago and we miss them sooo much!  Cami has been such a positive role model for our girls.  We just adore their family and are so happy for the exciting news!
 Em and  Mark helped me dip cones in melted chocolate and then in nuts or mini chocolate chips.  This is such and easy and fun dessert.  Everyone piled on their favorite ice cream and we enjoyed every lick!

Oh summer, we love you!!

more updates on this past month will be trickling in....

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lagoon: It's What FUN Is!

Yesterday we had one of those perfect days!  
The temp was lines...yummy picnic...happy faces
 all day long from the youngest to the oldest.  We really lucked out.   

A collage of all of our instagram photos.

*Em's Ferris Wheel *Rattlesnake Rapids*Waiting in the train station*Swings

*Break for cold treats*Miss Molly*Ben & Em out-of-control in Tea Cups*Happy Swingers

*More Spinning!*Close up of Happy Swingers*Watching the world go by*The Carousel-Owen's Fav.

*Linds Takes Flight*Sipping the Good Stuff*Em & her Wings*Pure Joy.

{We missed Papa, he had to work...besides, spinning isn't his thing!}

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I'm slow with this request from quite a few people.  It took a phone call from my mom to light a fire under me!  We sure love this Granola recipe and it is the perfect thing to take along on summer outings, camping or impromptu road trips! Enjoy!

Combine the following (except vanilla) and boil for one minute. Stir in vanilla.
1 1/2 cups brown sugar 
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup honey
3/4 cup oil
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp salt
2 tsp vanilla

Combine the following in a large mixing bowl:
6 cups rolled oats (not the quick kind)
2-3 cups of assorted nuts (whole or chopped)
(almonds, cashew, sunflower seeds)
1/2 cup wheat germ
1 1/2 cups coconut

Pour the hot liquid over the dry ingredients and stir to coat well.
Spread onto two cookie sheets.  (If you have silpat liners they work really well
with this recipe and the clean up is a snap!) No need to grease the plain pan.

Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes.  I bake two pans at once and stir and swap racks with
them at the 15 minute mark.  The Granola will not feel crunchy after thirty minutes
but it will harden up as it cools.  You want to see it turning a golden brown around the edges
after 15 minutes.  This is when I stir it up and switch places.  Don't over bake!!

Store in a covered container for 2 weeks.  But it rarely lasts that long!

You can also stir in dried fruit or raisins after baking. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Finding The Path

Before...the garden in front was full of overgrown grasses and weeds.  Emily and I worked some early mornings to get things cleaned up.  Once again the little garden path is visible!  I do love getting my hands in the dirt and working out in the yard.  The weather has been spectacular here!!  This garden is mostly full of perennials but I have some annuals to fill in as well as some herbs and tomato plants.   Hopefully the deer will be on higher grounds this summer!

For Mother's Day, I picked out my own gift this year!  
I've had my eye on a macro lens for awhile and I think it will be great fun to play with!

A few shots fresh out of the box...

 This little flower is only about 1" wide.

 Ready for take off!

 Bees are tricky to catch ...lots of patience when you are 
trying to manually focus on the busy little things! 

I can't wait to experiment more with this new lens.

(PS...Molly, I have your zoo photos down below - after our DC trip.  Nice throw, by the way!!)