Saturday, August 27, 2016

Summer Goings On

A quick trip up to Tony's Grove before Brady had to leave. What a beautiful day for a hike!

August is a tender time for us.  The last time we had Davis home with us, we spent a glorious day up the canyon hiking around.  It seems impossible it has been nearly 2 years.  I feel him near when we are in places he loved to be, and when our family gathers.

                  Molly is up to about anything we challenge her to.  She is so much fun to be with.
                                      She is growing up so quickly... how does that happen?

This one reminds us all so much of Davis when he was a little tike.  Owen, your curiosity and determination is a joy to watch.  You have such a bright light. And those curls :)  

Everywhere we looked there were wildflowers!  So beautiful.

If picking wild flowers is against the rules...we may have broken them.
They are glorious!!

Always the best to have a visit from B. 

Feeding the ducks with a cutie pie!
I've always loved throwing rocks with her
because I feel like someone watching over her is smiling down on us.

Delylah, we adore you from you head to your toes!
Any time spent with you is a treat!!


I was asked to create a quilt for the winner of the women's division for the Tour of Utah.  It was a wee bit stressful, but also very rewarding to play a little part in this great event!
I collaborated with my good friend, Carol Armstrong and we put together a pretty fabulous quilt! Her quilting is wonderful!

Emily and I went up to first dam to watch the men come by. 
Pretty cool to see all the support cars carrying the spare bikes.
So sad that Mark was working a Torrington shift for this weekend, 
he would have loved to have seen all of this.

We got special VIP cards...that meant snacks in the fancy tent!
And a great view of the girls race!

Exciting times!  I'm so happy that the winner loves and appreciate quilts!
Congrats to Allie Dragoo!  She finished 49 seconds ahead of the 2nd place winner.


Another quilt project I completed this summer was for a sister of a friend who lost her son shortly after we lost Davis - in a similar situation.  She had asked me if I would be up to creating a memory quilt with her nephews shirts and sweatshirts.  It was not a question in my mind that would do this, I just wasn't sure how I would do it.  Cutting up those shirts was hard and therapeutic at the same time. It gave me courage to be able to do something with the shirts I have been saving from Davis for my own family.  When the timing is right, I know I will be able to do that.  It reminded me that we all have really hard things we face in life and some of us are going through very similar struggles. 

This top one is a throw for his brother with the leftover pieces.  I made two quilts similar to one Mark is holding for his Mom and Dad.  They are rather unique - but when I got going I felt that was what I should do, something a little different.

I thought it was fun to include some of the labels from inside the shirts. There was a fur hat she wanted included and a large tapestry he had hanging in his room.  That's what I used for some of the borders.

It felt so good to do something for someone else.
I've kinda been in my old own little world processing my grief.

And look at our little twin friends!  They are so fun to watch!
Life is good and beautiful.

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