Sunday, August 21, 2016

He's Still a Champ!

August 20, 2016
We all gathered to celebrate Grandpa's 80th Birthday!!  
A month to the day after his birthday.
He was quite pleased to see so many loved ones.

Grandma arranged to have it at Legacy House in the library.  

She was so delighted with the crowd that lovingly surrounded them all evening.

Many dear friends drove up from Pleasant Grove.  
He has touched so many lives in his kind, quiet way.

Aunt Jana and her darling posse were such a big help with the refreshment table!

They don't come any better than these ladies!  

Jason, Dorothy, Marie, Shaura, Ethyl and Carol. 

It was wonderful to see Dad's face light up so many times!  
He may not have understood everything going on, but no doubt he felt the love in the room.

Lots of laughter and smiling faces.
Family is just the best!

Peter and Melece came up from Provo.

Wonderful for them to have their four children together.  
That isn't something that has happened to often. Distance is tricky!

Our sweet neighbor, Iva Lou now has more of family connection!  
She is also at Legacy house.
She is such a delight and blessing in our lives.

So happy for such an event.  He is a wonderful man loved by so many!!
Happy Birthday Dad and Grandpa!
You are so dearly loved!!