Monday, November 22, 2010

A Good Shepherd

After just over 5 years of service, Mark was released as Bishop.
It was a sweet meeting yesterday. We are really excited for the
new Bishopric and so grateful for the two sets of counselors
he was able to serve with and the countless members
he has worked with over his years of service.
He always said our ward was the perfect ward to be a bishop in.
Really sweet people.
(in blog land, sometimes I don't
want to be too specific with names & places - privacy issues)

It has been a sweet time for him and our family. He is a remarkable
man with a gift to work with people. He is also an amazing
teacher and mentor. We love him and are so glad he is ours!

His woodwork is calling his name...and NO meetings this week!

As I drove into our neighborhood yesterday after our meetings,
I saw this tree in front of our drive standing out in the winter landscape.
She doesn't want to give up her leaves like all of the other trees have.
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quippish endeavor said...

I'm so proud of my wonderful father! The 8th ward is lucky to have had him as a bishop the last few years. Will he know what to do with all the new free time?!

I love that tree shot. Hold on to that color!


Lisa said...

Mark will be greatly missed in his calling...but now there's more time for skiing, woodworking, and most of all his family! Great job Papa Smurf!

The Jacklins said...

We LOVE Mark!! What a great example he is for all of us! We hope you enjoy the minutes of freedom...they may not last too long!! ;)

the firths said...

What an incredible guy!

Alycia said...

Mark was a great bishop! We absolutely love him! I bet you are glad to have your hubby back so you can spend more time together. You guys are great!