Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Night...

Tradition....tradition ~ tra.di.tion! And a pretty tasty one at that. A yummy bowl of homemade chili and homemade Spudnuts! We are quite fond of this one at our house. This year we made a double batch and we had success!

Lindsey & Jake were the cooks...

Emily was our glazer...

...and these were our finished products.
Molly examines the sticky sweetness and soon there will be
no turning back!

Wondering if any of you were as lucky as we were to have such an adorable little witch fly by your house?!

This is one of my favorite photos - Mark, Janell & Ben
in front of her cute Portland abode.

(thanksgiving 2009)
I love the red door and the quintessential Portlandesque feeling
of those cozy overcast days with a bit of a drizzle.
Don't they all look so happy?

Happy is good.

Twenty-something and an adorable young lady!


so back to Halloween... We received a cute little Halloween card from Liam. "Dear Papa & Nana, I wish you could come to my house to trick or treat. I wish you could come to the beach with me. I wish Papa could be a horse for Halloween and I wish Nana could be a hot dog."
Well, we were party poopers this year and didn't dress up...
we didn't even carve our cool, bumpy pumpkins. And no Halloween party.
(*I actually have immunity for a few years because
of my most awesome costume a few years ago ::
see below for a limited time only.)

So not wanting to disappoint Liam,
we have posted these
amazing photos!

Happy Halloween :)

*2008 collectors editions


Lindsay said...

Leisa I love the 2008 costume! :) You are too fun! Those doughnuts look scrumptious.

Lisa said...

Classic Leisa 2008 ever...can't be topped...ever!!!!

quippish endeavor said...

Captain Underpants does give you a little slack... but I kind of think it should become a tradition along with the delicious doughnuts and chili. :) I sure miss you guys!


Kris said...

Oh my word! I wish I could have seen the Captain Underpants in person!

the firths said...
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the firths said...

Liam laughs so hard out loud whenever he see your "halloween costumes." When I asked him to guess what your costumes were he did indeed guess " horse and hot dog" as he'd requested. Way to pull through :) We can almost taste the donuts. . . Mmmm

Curtis Family said...

I love that costume! I almost split my underpants laughing!